DARA’S GUIDE: Using Sound Effects & Music

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For one time sounds:

sound sound_name

For looping sound (usually for music):

music sound_name

To turn off the sound or music:

sound off
music off

To change the volume of the sound or music:

volume sound x T
volume music x T

x is the volume level from 0 to 100
T is time in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds is 1 second)


music music_fashionedge
volume music 50 2000

(with the above commands, the music volume will go to level 50 in 2 seconds)


How do you have music play forever? For the times such as when your customizing

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Bump : )

Bump :sunglasses:

sound off/music off doesnt turn the sounds off hssghs

Are you getting a script error?

Yeah, it happens frequently.

What’s the error message and can you post a screenshot of your script?

A musical bump :musical_note: :musical_score: :musical_keyboard:

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Life saver!

How can i make music fade?

volume music/sound 0 T

0 is how loud the sound is from 1-100 and T is the time it changes the volume

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When I proofread my story on the app, I can’t hear the music music_sadvamp.


And what is the default X and T so I can bring it back after a few seconds?

maybe becuase you put the volume of the music to be 0 and you made it become quiet in less than a second … look at what she said lol


Hey Dara,

I have sound in one of my chapters but every time I try to preview the chapter you can’t hear any of the sounds or music.

I’ve tried to see if it was just a few sounds and some music I couldn’t play but I can’t use a single sound or music. Please help, I don’t know what to do.

It keeps saying that there’s an error. It says:

Error: playWebAudio failed


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i keep getting the same error, its so annoying and idk anyone who knows how to fix it fuhehgu

How do you reset the volume of the music/sound? Is it just @sound reset or @music reset? Or @volume reset? X

Is there a knocking sound?