DARA’S GUIDE: Using Sound Effects & Music


how do i make a character walk to a spot and have a zoom goin on at the same time

for example : @CHRISTIANO walks to spot 0.867 247 185 in 3

music off

&zoom on 490 158 to 135% in 4

plz help

&pan to zone # in T (time)
@CHAR walks to spot in zone # in T

Okay, so I have a probably dumb question. I have a character that faints. I want to use the sound effect body_drop. How do I make the timing of the sound effect match the timing of when she falls to the floor? [to clarify, the sound effect happens when she starts the faint animation, not when she hits the floor. Help me?]

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after turning the music low , do i pause for a beat and add music off so that i can add another song

But I’m still getting “Error: playWebAudio failed: TypeError: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘createConstantSource’” and it’s goddamn annoying.
I’m using Google browser btw.

It keeps coming up an errror when i want to make the school bell ring once
here is what i wrote in my script

sound schoolbell

The error says i cant end my script with a label…

You just need to continue writing after that. You can’t have just a sound at the end of your script.

Okay thx

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Is there a way to get two musics to play at the same time without changing one to a sound?


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Can you have a sound and music play at the same time?


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@Dara.Amarie I keep on getting the same error message when I try to fade out music and last time it happened I found out it was due to a backround that hadn’t been approved yet but it happened again and this time I don’t know what’s wrong.

Remove the word “in”

It’s just volume music 0 2000

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Oh, thank you!

It actually still didn’t work

Also for line 4537, you’re only putting the volume to 1 which is barely anything. The volume level goes from 0 to 100