Dara’s Limited CC Templates & Workshop!

You’re welcome and no I don’t need any credit at all because the templates aren’t mine to begin with, they’re Dara’s. (:

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Okay, I will credit her then, or will it say in the script?

She already has her credit in the templates so all you have to do is insert them into your story/script.

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is there a shortcut I can copy and paste the whole script at once?

You will need to highlight all of the lines of one of the templates first, either the female or male and depending on which device you’re on, it will vary. After you’ve successfully copied and pasted one template, then you will need to repeat the process with the other template.
I’m on my computer and I use the mouse left-handedly, so I can highlight all of the text I want to copy by clicking, holding and dragging my right mouse button and then press ctrl and C. To paste, I go into my portal script, click a line and press the ctrl key with the V key.

How to Copy and Paste on Windows 10 | Copy and Paste Shortcut (minitool.com)

On my iPhone, I double tap some text and I can move each of end of the highlight to cover whatever text I want to copy and options automatically pop up, I then select Copy. Then I can navigate to wherever I want to paste it and then press and hold until the options come up again, and proceed to press Paste.

How to copy and paste text in iOS (macworld.com)

I think Android pretty much works the same way.

4 Ways to Copy and Paste Text on an Android - wikiHow

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Okay thanks.

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No problem, good luck with your story!

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Hey there!
I’d like to request a template for female.
It would include:
All body types and skin tone
All eye shape and eye color
All face shape
All mouth shape and mouth color
All hairstyles including updo’s and afro hairstyles and hair color
All eyebrow hape and eyebrow color
All nose shape

Thanks xx

:blush: Dara already has a template with those:


Thank you so much!

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Thank You :blob_hearts:

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Hi, Dara! Could you do a template for Female Limelight & Male Limelight?

Female & Male
No eye color customization.
No lip shape customization.

Thank you!