DARA’S TEMPLATES: Generic/Pluse Size Female Choice & Customization

I had a feeling that was going to be the only way. Thanks, Dara! You’re so helpful!

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I have an important question.
Okay,so what if they also get to pick thier names? I cant label them both “You” it wont allow me to.
So what do I do now?

Yes you can. Both their display names can be YOU and you can use [YOU] for dialogue and it will work for either character.

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It says " Duplicate name: A character already exists with the name of “YOU” and the character cannot be created.

The script name has to be different. The display name gets changed to YOU

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So, I dont have to do anything to change the display name as “YOU” ?

Create the new character and name it something like YOU2 or anything, then just change the display name to YOU.

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Thank you


Was kind of intrigued… Today, when I had accidentally had a generic female change into a plus size outfit and I got this error. I know that there is a current solution to have them change outfits and everything- but the line “Please ensure that imitation is enabled” intrigued me. I wonder if there’s some sort of coding that would allow them to change without having to make a duplicate character? Anyone find anything so far??

This is only for Episode official stories. Only the Episode team has control of body imitation.

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Ahhhh ok. Thanks Dara :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi sorry, so your not allowed to changed the appearance for the plus size character, even if it is a main character?

If you mean to change an already made character to plus size? The no you can’t change the body type of a generic female. It’s just like with male and female, you can’t change a female character into a male, or vice versa, because of the different body types.

oh sorry i did not mean the body type i meant customizing the character? I was able to successfully put two options to play as each character, but i have trouble adding the customization when labeling it.

You have to use 2 different customization templates with different labels.

oh okay how do you add the second template when customizing a character?

ah thank you

So this works fine for my first character but I want to add the same option for the second character, should i change it to your format, and I will credit you. I am currently new to episode so yeah.

Yea remove all of that and just use my templates.