DARA’S TEMPLATES: Generic/Pluse Size Female Choice & Customization

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I am sorry once again i followed your template and it says the arched eyebrow does not exist.

Read the “Common Errors” section

Okay thank you.

sorry one more question i followed your instructions but how do i separate the labeling for each of the main character cause when i tried it out one of the character comes the other one asks the same question. I want like one option for each of the character when customizing.

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What if my MC has a generic body type, but at some point she has to become pus sized with all the same features? Do I have to write the code manually? I tried @character becomes… but the plus sized one changes their body type to generic.

Heyy Daria!
Episode made new body shapes, the normal one, the athletic one and the soft one.
Is there any chance that you could do a coding for that.

Body Type Choice Templates For Female and Male


click the link

Oh hahahaha I’m so dumb but thank you so much❤️

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