DARA’S TEMPLATES: Hair and Lipstick Templates (INK & Limelight)

Post a screenshot

Sorry is there like the same thing for male, like hairstyle and colour

You can request one here: Dara’s Limited CC Templates & Workshop!

Templates have been updated!

I’m confused. I know how to get the template and stuff but when I try and move on to my story it always has a warning. The template and stuff is right.

That’s not the whole template. You either deleted a portion of the template or didn’t copy the whole thing.

Thank you! I figured it out. Thanks for replying!

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Simply just do “ctrl + f” and type in femaleavatar" then press the button “ALL”
then it will bring you to a text that is highlighted in blue then type in your character’s name!

Alll Female Limelight templates are updated

All templates have been updated with the new hairstyles!

All Templates have been updated with the newest hairstyle

Templates updated.

Templates updated!

OMG thank you so much!! :heart:

All Templates updated with the newest hairstyles!

Plus these two:
Mohawk Locs Short (female)
Slicked Down Type3 Curls Hair (female)