Dara's Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

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Hi @ari.scuba, this is not the correct thread and your post is off topic. Please create your own topic asking for help or find a topic related to your question and reply on that thread.

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Hello! Can I remove the credit from template but credit you at the end of the episode?

Hi Dara!
I would need a Limited Female Template with no hair/ no skin color :slight_smile:

Hi Dara! Is it possible to have a template with everything except only green shades for the hair colours and no eye color? For a limelight female. You don’t have to do it, but it would be helpful if you could! Thanks!

@Tsukino_94 @MatchaTae

This is not the correct thread. Please post your requests on my workshop thread here: Limited CC Templates & Workshop!

What do i do?

i have use your templete but it shows error i have charecter name but is shows no bodycolour called fair warm exists

That’s not my template. My templates are on my website.

can we make the readers customise multiple characters in one epiosode?

Thanks a lot

Btw can you help me with one more thing. How do you add points in a small game and say the scre later of the reader?

By the way can you help me with one more thing. How do you add points in a small game and say the score later of the reader?

Hi, I’m new to Episode so I’m not sure what to do. I used your LL hair and lip template to allow the reader to change their hair style and lip colour. The problem is I used the same template twice in 1 episode and now after the second time I keep getting an error saying “duplicate label” for each of the labels. How do I fix this? I really want to use the template multiple times in the same episode.

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Hey! @Dara.Amarie so I don’t know how to put my name everywhere instead of @Femaleavatar? Can u help me?:frowning:

Directions are above in the original post.

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I have this issue too, pretty much when you click done instead of it taking it back to the main menu with “skin tone”, “ face shape”, ect it takes you to the next option so if i click skin tone then click done instead of taking me to the main menu it takes me to face shape or the next customization option. SORRY for the long explanation, just wanted you to understand! let me know if u do!

You are literally such a LIFE SAVER!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I am finally starting my first ever episode story and couldn’t be more excited!!!

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