Dara's Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

Thank you @Dara.Amarie
I used your template, but it ended up changing my character from the start.
I open up with ME (the author) and my MC (Adaora) standing side by side. As the author I explain that this is the MC, and this is how I envisioned her but if they’d like to customise they can and then I give them a choice to either customise or not.
I originally created my character as having Afro hair. For some reason she appears with an updo before even customising. Do you have any idea what i may have done wrong?

EDIT: I think i’ve fixed it now!!

Pls can you help me with the ending of my female character customization…"goto female_1_end "keeps giving me error message

hi i actually have a question about customizing

i want to age my characters from child to teen to adult how do i do so without having the reader choose what they look

The commands for changing appearance are:

  • @CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Color Name
  • @CHARACTER changes eyebrows into Eyebrow Shape
  • @CHARACTER changes eyebrowsColor into Color Name
  • @CHARACTER changes face into Face Shape
  • @CHARACTER changes eyes into Eye Shape
  • @CHARACTER changes eyesColor into Color Name
  • @CHARACTER changes mouth into Mouth Shape
  • @CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Color Name
  • @CHARACTER changes hair into Hairstyle Name
  • @CHARACTER changes hairColor into Color Name
  • @CHARACTER changes nose into Nose Shape

Thank you much appreciated😊

All Limelight CC templates are now updated!

This includes all Full CC templates for both male and female, all pre-made limited templates, twin templates, LL with INK color templates, and hair/lip templates!


That is AMAZING!

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Hi Dara, I was wondering if there was any way to chose none option like there is in writers portal. Like when we choose none in face and no face is available… and is there any command like :
@FEMALEAVATAR changes eyebrows into none (or something)
It’ll be very cool to have this none option
Please tell :blob_hearts:

Unfortunately no there isn’t a way to do that. The only way to have a character have “none” options is when you choose that in the character creator in the portal.

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Hi Dara, has your website been updated with these new styles, or is it just this? :thinking: :upside_down_face:

Yes the above links are straight to my website.

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So I duplicated my character’s family then I changed my mind and I was going to give the reader the chance to custom the family members but now the female family members look like the MC. I am pretty sure I removed the duplicating code part. I used the find on the page option to check but I don’t know what’s the problem…

Thank you so much :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :heavy_heart_exclamation:
YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER :blob_hearts:

Hiya! I’m trying to use your amazing script but I’m encountering a problem.

I’ll highlight the name, CRTL F, press ALL and go in to type up the name of the character I created-DANA-and it eats up the script next to it. The textbox disappears the second I press ALL, so I tried typing the name into the textbook then pressing ALL, but no dice.

Looks like this:
@DANAnds screen center and DANAes right and DANArts idle

It does it to the whole script.
Know why? Suggs?

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Hi Dara I need your help! I don’t know why this error is coming can you help me fix it? I have used your templates. .As I just wanted to let the Male character customize his lip colour n hair style I deleted the rest of the template instead of the necessary parts

So my main character has a family of 4, and I went to your Twin cc, and there was only one duplicate. Is there a chance where it’s the main character and more than one duplicate? I hope I make sense.

Hi I know this is an old convo but im having the same issue, what do you mean by the label needs to be moved to the beginning of the customization thank you

okay I don’t know why but it says that “The label “female_custom_1” does not exist”. I don’t know what to do with it

Hi! newbie here,
Is the character that’ve been customized will appear in episode 2 the same way as it’s appear in episode 1?

the character will stay the same