Dara's Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you @Apes I’m having issues with the rest of the script now :woman_facepalming:t2: I’m not sure why this template hates me :frowning:

I just want her to have hair choices haha… sorry!!!

line 105 add goto hair_lip

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HI! This is super helpful but I have a request.
Can you please make a template where the reader can change their hair color only into dyed hair color and they cannot change their skin tone.

What the difference is between the 6 customization templates?

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Hey! I was wondering if this is the new template?
If not, where can I get it?

What do you mean by “new template” ?

Looks like Episode released new features!
Hopefully you’ll be updating the templates yet again. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for the awesome templates you’re offering to this community. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:





You are FAST! Thank you!!


If I want to remove some features of MC like the mouth then place it back again and then remove hair and then place it back again…is there a code to do this? Or must I create many characters and remove their features manually?

My story is like a horror nightmare so the MC like has a nightmare where she wont have a mouth then eyes etc etc.

Is there a code to do this or must I create multiple characters and used this template? Because it does feel tedious if need to create multiple chracters though…since hair style and colour can be change with coding commands…then if removing features are there commands for it too?

What’s the difference with all the different templates though?

1st LL
2nd LL

They have the same codings and choices… I’m abit new at this…

the only difference are labels, so you can use all 6 in one episode, otherwise you would get a warning about duplicate labels

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Better add a twin :slight_smile:

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Thanks!! Oh… because it’s only for 1 short scene though…the MC doesnt have a twin…There is really no remove features code unlike changing hair colour etc code?

you can, but if you’re using customisation it’s better to create a twin. Unless you’re using this before it?

Using before it?
As in?

I use the customisation on the MC though…

I meant the scene where you want to change features. If you remove/change them after customization, there’s no way to come back to what reader has chosen.

oh there isn’t? I thought there might be some reset code or something…even when there’s customisation

My plan is

  1. From the MC itself with no clone twin, imply use the commands to remove and add back those features (after customisation)

  2. MC + 5 twins (all after customisation). One twin will not have eyes. Another will not have mouth etc. So it’ll be as though MC has lost all these features in the nightmare whereas in fact I did not alter the MC …I just created the twins. Is this a better idea?