Dara's Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

this part


This is what I sent last time… the eyebrows highlighted with the red x by it.

I just don’t know why it’s giving me that error message.

Please make sure to read through the original post above.

Thanks, @Dara.Amarie! That’s helpful!

Hi, so I´m using your (@Dara.Amarie) 6th LIMELIGHT FEMALE CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION TEMPLATE, and it comes out warnings when I´m saving, saying that female_6_end doesn´t exist. Do you know how to fix it?


How would I make the option to choose a gender available to my readers without all of the character customization?

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So I may have clouded judgement because it’s 12:45 am but I cannot for the life of me figure out why the “mom” character appears when I use the “MOM becomes MAIN CHARACTER” command. I have placed the “mom” character off screen every which way but I do not know why she keeps appearing when my script gets to “MOM becomes MAIN CHARACTER” command. (visible characters are currently placed in zone 1)

Am I missing something?

I placed the “becomes” command after the last label under the customization template as well.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Try putting “Classic Natural” on the lame line as the word choice. That happened to me too.

did you try place her in zone 3 or 4?

Make it a simple choice, such as

“Male.” {

gain MCMale

} “Female.” {

gain MCFemale


Just note that you will have to write your script twice, once for the male character, and once for the female character (although I’m sure you already knew this.)
I personally would just write the script for one, then copy and paste it into a word document, use the find and replace tool to change MALECHARACTER to FEMALECHARACTER or vice versa, then skim read the script using the find tool to change pronouns where appropriate.

I don’t have a miracle cure, but I do have a way to make it look intentional.
Move MOM to layer 0, then when she appears, it will be behind FC.
You could edit the dialogue to say “Are you happy with how you and your mom look?” (although this is optional.)

Hi, thank you so much for this! But I was wondering (if possible)how to ask the readers if they want to keep the original character (the one customized by me) or if they want to customize their own. Coding wise I mean.

Are you happy with your character?


goto story_starts
}“No, I want to customize”{

goto customization_label_name <— replace the name with your customization label name

label customization_label_name <— replace the name with your customization label name
@pause for 0

label story_starts
@pause for 0
#story starts here

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Hey, PLEASE HELP ME! I have a problem with this. I want to customize more than 1 female characters. But it shows me I need to “dublicate” the label, but how can I do it? Please please someone help me :(((

you need to use different template for other character, that’s why there’s 6 available :blush:

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It says Arched natural doesn’t exist, and before you say to check the three reasons, I laready did and it still doesn’t work. I am on limelight using a limelight template and I changed the name of the template

Post a screenshot of your script with the character list on the right side that shows your character’s name.

nvm its working now, sorry. how do i make it so the mom changes to look like the mc but keeps the same hairstyle, nose and face?

But I’m using the one where you can’t customize your hair color, eye color or skin color! And there are no options in that.