Dara's Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

So my main character has a family of 4, and I went to your Twin cc, and there was only one duplicate. Is there a chance where it’s the main character and more than one duplicate? I hope I make sense.

Hi I know this is an old convo but im having the same issue, what do you mean by the label needs to be moved to the beginning of the customization thank you

okay I don’t know why but it says that “The label “female_custom_1” does not exist”. I don’t know what to do with it

Hi! newbie here,
Is the character that’ve been customized will appear in episode 2 the same way as it’s appear in episode 1?

the character will stay the same

bro how do I make my own covers for my stories? I really need help

You should really ask this question in another topic as a separate question. This is not the right place for that.

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@Dara.Amarie, I need help. I am trying to do costume choices, but…
The character’s meant to be standing in the spot [below] but she’s just invisible. My script is:
label Outfit_1_1
@OLIVIA spot 1.039 -67 162 in zone 1
** Are you sure?**
choice “Yes, I want to wear this.” {
@OLIVIA is idle
goto mainStory
} “No, I don’t want to wear this.” {
goto costume_design_1
Can you please help me?

Hi Dara, So basically I want to change my character’s face without having to create another one, how do I do that?

Bump :hotdog:

Are you able please to make me one with only hairstyle, hair colour, and lipstick? Can you also, if possible use @ELISE rather than @FEMALEAVATAR thanks very much!

Hay your Template is amazing, Thank you!!
But I have an error, Do you know how to fix it?

You removed the [shouldPaginate: YES] from the word “choice”

It needs to look like this:

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]
“Copper 00” {

Ugghh Thank you so much! I’ve been struggling for almost 5 hours :woman_facepalming:t4:

Using a male character with the male template with the correct character name, in an ink story using an ink template. What am I doing wrong? Is this out of date?
It keeps saying that no buzz cut exists?

label male_shorthair_1

Short hair styles.

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]
“Buzzed” {
@LIGHTMALEAVATAR changes hair into Buzzed Hair
goto male_shorthair_1
} “Generic Short” {
@LIGHTMALEAVATAR changes hair into Generic Short Hair
goto male_shorthair_1
} “Short Cropped” {
@LIGHTMALEAVATAR changes hair into Short Cropped Hair
goto male_shorthair_1
}“male Bun” {
@LIGHTMALEAVATAR changes hair into male Bun
goto male_shorthair_1
} “Change Color” {
goto male_haircolor_1
} “Back to Styles” {
goto male_hair_1
“Short Fade” {
@LIGHTMALEAVATAR changes hair into Short Curly Fade
goto male_shorthair_1
} “High Top Fade” {
@LIGHTMALEAVATAR changes hair into High Top Fade
goto male_shorthair_1
} “Shaved Sides” {
@LIGHTMALEAVATAR changes hair into Shaved Sides
goto male_shorthair_1
} “Back to Styles” {
goto male_hair_1
} “Change Color” {
goto male_haircolor_1

Did you change up my template? The labels have different names. It looks like you changed “boy” to “male” which changed every single “boy” word in the template including changing “Boy Bun” to “male Bun”

All Female and Male Templates are now updated!

Hey Dara,

I write a new story today but I don’t know why mine’s not working for Cmd + F for Macs to change the name of character in my script. Then there are no small grey box show up.

I used Cmd + F before in my old stories. Now I don’t know why i write new story today.