Dara's Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

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Is there a lipstick template for LL with ink colors?? I don’t need the whole customization, just the lipstick :thinking:

Hii @Dara.Amarie can u input these names on the cc please (full cc)


i know you have multiple character customization, but do you have multiple hair and lip cutomization templates? I wanted the charcter to be able to change hair and lip twice in one episode, but because there is only the one template, i always gices the duplicated labels errors message.

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thanks girl!

Can you help me with a template for female limelight

Hey @Dara.Amarie , Can you please help me with what should I write in my script for limited customization template for limelight female character (MC) and limelight male character (LI) ?

Details of female limelight character (MC)
:heart: No Body type
:heart: No Skin tone
:heart: No Hair colour
:heart: No Eyes shape
:heart: No Eye colour
:heart: Hairstyles :-
:black_small_square:Long straight loose solid
:black_small_square:Long straight loose bangs sideswept solid
:black_small_square:Long straight loose bangs blunt solid
:black_small_square:Long high ponytail
:heart: Nose shapes :-
:black_small_square:Defined natural
:black_small_square:Grecian soft
:black_small_square:Round broad
:black_small_square:Round button
:black_small_square:Round button upturned
:black_small_square:Round downturned
:black_small_square:Pointed downturned
:heart: Lips shape :-
:black_small_square:Full heart pouty
:black_small_square:Full round pouty
:black_small_square:Full round flat top skin
:black_small_square:Full wide
:black_small_square:Small heart
:black_small_square:Medium heart natural
:black_small_square:Thin heart
:black_small_square:Medium thin
:heart: Face shapes :-
:black_small_square:Diamond defined contour
:black_small_square:Diamond long
:black_small_square:Heart defined
:black_small_square:Heart soft
:black_small_square:Square defined
:heart: No Eyebrow colour
:heart: Eyebrow shapes :-

Who do I credit this code to? Anyone know? I was never able to find out :frowning: