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Dare or Dare

Diary entry of Joanna Riley, 12-07-2017
Today was the official release of the game, Dare or Dare. Already, 13 people have died because of the stupid dares in the game. It’s as if it can watch you… The dares can ask you to kiss that person over there or whatnot. It’s actually very stupid. I don’t understand why people play it.

Diary entry of Eleanor Riley, 21-09-2017
I finally managed to convince Joanna to try out Dare or Dare! It’s going great, she’s done three dares and she says it actually not too bad. I just KNOW that she is going to be at the top of the leaderboard some day! She’s a natural at this.

Diary entry of Eleanor Riley, 03-10-2017
Joanna died today. One of the dares she had to do was tie herself to the train track for ten minutes. I tried to talk her out of it. She wouldn’t listen. The train came early today. It came hurtling towards as she struggled to get out of the rope. It’s all my fault! If I never asked her to play the game, this never would’ve happened! I can’t live with this guilt. Today, I will meet back with my sister.
Goodbye forever,

It’s the year 2028. 10 years has passed since the release of Dare or Dare and it is still as popular as ever. Hundreds of people have died through the years and you are one of the people who are playing. You all coincidentally started to play the game today so you are basically not even on the leaderboard yet.

Rules of Dare or Dare:

  • You will earn a maximum of $500, depending on the dare.
  • You must complete the whole dare to earn money.
  • If you ever decline a dare, $50 will be taken away from your overall balance.
  • If you reach $0, consequences will arise.


  • The dares for each character will be chosen by a random picker.
  • The money earned in each dare will be chosen by a random picker.
  • The partners for dares will be chosen by a random picker and/or by people chosen by me.
  • You must be active in this RP.
  • Signups will be open indefinitely.

Form: Link
Faceclaims: Linky-la-doodle
Map + Extras: Coming Soon…

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Probable Reserve! Yay, MAsh!


That was quick XD Yayyy!


Reserve hehe


Heheheh yay! :wink:


RESERVE!! :wink: Sounds brilliant


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Reserve! :innocent:


Ahh, awesome! :smiley:


Can I keep my old characters?


Yes, of course! :wink:
Glad you’re staying :smiley:


When will this start?


reserve for one, please? :slight_smile:


Reserve if I can submit my characters on time.


Sure! :smiley:


Okay! Tell me if you can’t make it :wink:


I’m thinking perhaps in 2 weeks to a month? It really depends on when people get their signups in :slight_smile:


Reserve, this seems interesting!