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Dare or Dare

Diary entry of Joanna Riley, 12-07-2017
Today was the official release of the game, Dare or Dare. Already, 13 people have died because of the stupid dares in the game. It’s as if it can watch you… The dares can ask you to kiss that person over there or whatnot. It’s actually very stupid. I don’t understand why people play it.

Diary entry of Eleanor Riley, 21-09-2017
I finally managed to convince Joanna to try out Dare or Dare! It’s going great, she’s done three dares and she says it actually not too bad. I just KNOW that she is going to be at the top of the leaderboard some day! She’s a natural at this.

Diary entry of Eleanor Riley, 03-10-2017
Joanna died today. One of the dares she had to do was tie herself to the train track for ten minutes. I tried to talk her out of it. She wouldn’t listen. The train came early today. It came hurtling towards as she struggled to get out of the rope. It’s all my fault! If I never asked her to play the game, this never would’ve happened! I can’t live with this guilt. Today, I will meet back with my sister.
Goodbye forever,

It’s the year 2028. 11 years have passed since the release of Dare or Dare and it is still as popular as ever. Hundreds of people have died through the years and you are one of the people who are playing. You all coincidentally started to play the game today so you are basically not even on the leaderboard yet.

Rules of Dare or Dare:

  • You will earn a maximum of $500, depending on the dare.
  • You must complete the whole dare to earn money.
  • If you ever decline a dare, $50 will be taken away from your overall balance.
  • If you reach $0, consequences will arise.


  • The dares for each character will be chosen by a random picker.
  • The money earned in each dare will be chosen by a random picker.
  • The partners for dares will be chosen by a random picker and/or by people chosen by me.
    - You must be active in this RP. (see activity rules below)
  • Signups will be open indefinitely.

Activity Rules:
-5 Days of No Posting RP Responses (without valid reason): Warning on inactivity.
-Three Warnings: We’ll have a talk about the problems and see if you are too busy to commit at the moment where I will keep your characters on hold until you are less busy.
-1 Month of No Posting RP Responses (without valid reason): Suspended from RP until further notice.

Basically, tell me if you’d like to drop out for some reason or won’t be here for a certain amount of time.

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Event 1:
It’s 6am and you just got a notification from the Dare or Dare App.

Dare or Dare Revival || RP || Official Signups


Lalai Equino

I heard a beep sound from my phone so I hesitantly turned on my phone. I squinted my eyes as I read the words on my screen. I huffed. No turning back now Lalai. Remember, this could change your life. I closed my eyes, thinking back to the moments where I still stayed with my parents.



Jane chills on her bed as she reads a book. Just before she decided to close it she felt a buzz on her phone. She lazily picked it up and jumped up.” Yay I’m in Dare or Dare!”


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Gyl Benevolio’s POV

I groaned when I heard my annoying mother’s voice. Ugh. Can she just shut up? I sat on the bed, since it’s useless to sleep again with that voice. Just as I stretched my arms and yawned, I heard my phone receiving something. I crawled up to it. Wait, when did it even get to my feet? I smirked when I read it was from Dare or Dare.

ORP: I’m proud of you Mashy :sob:


Cameron Jones

My eyes open lazily as I hear a beep from my phone. I adjust my eyes to the light and read the message. I automatically grin.
‘This is going to be one heck of a ride,’ I think to myself as I dump my head back on to my pillow.
My continuous thoughts trail off as I drift into another sleep.

Craig Benjo

I hear a sound from my phone as I bite into the piece of toast in my hand. A welcome message. My face stays neutral as I finish off my early morning breakfast and grab my phone as I head out to work. I wonder what sort of dares I would get and begin to slightly regret my decision. What if the dares interfered with my jobs and work? I enter the cafe and am hit with the strong smell of coffee. I quickly change into my uniform and begin to prepare everything before the arrival of customers.

Derik Relish

I faintly hear a noise from my phone as I wipe the drool from my face. I realise I’m upside down on my bed but I stay there anyway. Suddenly, I jolt upright, hitting my head in the process. I rub my injury and go over to my phone. I recognised the beep from the app I set it to; Dare or Dare. A huge smile finds its way to my face as I throw on a shirt and shorts from the floor and run a hand through my hair. I don’t bother brushing my teeth and head out with my phone and earphones, ready to go for a morning jog; AKA check out some chicks.

Kalilo Norfleet

I move my gaze to my phone next to me and put my book down. I pick up the small phone and smile a little. The first steps to being more social. I stand up from the chair and head to the living room to get my keys and necessities. I head out with a smile for once with the thought of friends in my mind.

Noah Skope

I blink my eyes open as I hear a notification on my phone. Dare or Dare. I laugh to myself as I think of the possible and cliche dares. I need some more fun in my life; my late night pick ups can only do so much for me. I smirk as I think of the tonnes of cash I could be getting and hop out of bed with the thought. The dares better get rolling soon.

Elijah Foxworth

I get up to check my phone on the other side of the room. No one ever texts me so it’s a shocker. I look over to my screen and notice it’s from Dare or Dare and I look at it confusedly. I didn’t sign up for this. I suddenly remember some random guy thought it would be funny to put my name down for it. These Dare or Dare people should really learn some security. I roll my eyes as I begin to search up on how to get rid of it. After half an hour, I come to the conclusion that the dumbface that signed me up for it was gonna die soon because there is no way to get out of this now.


Craig and Derik are approachable!


Reina Rivers
I was sleeping peacefully for once when the sound of my phone going off jolted me awake. It scared me where I actually fell off of my bed hitting the floor. “Ahh! Owww. That hurt. What time is it and why is my phone going off?” I looked at the time seeing that it was 6am and then noticed the notification from Dare or Dare. “Well then let’s see how this goes.”


Lalai Equino

I stood up and stretched myself before putting on a simple casual outfit. I stepped out onto the streets with a lighted cigarette in my hand. I blew out a puff of smoke. I should really stop smoking. I inwardly shrugged as I continued walking down the streets.

ORP: She’s approachable, I guess?


Reina Rivers
After a few minutes of trying to fall back asleep I figured that I was awake for the day. So I decided that I would go ahead and get dressed. I decided I would go for a walk to calm my nerves. And maybe I would get some food while I was out. While I was walking I thought, I’m about to start playing dare or dare. The game that caused me to lose the rest of my family. I wonder how I will do.

ORP: Approachable


Leah Jackson
She was already awake, as she normally gets up pretty early, when she got the text. She wasn’t really bothered about Dare or Dare, and it definitely wasn’t going to become a priority to her. She put her phone down and stood up to get dressed. She put on an outfit and tied her hair into a slick, perfect ponytail. She took her phone and left the house.



April Snow
April was listening music as she plays with her yo-yo lying on the bed. "Rr woof!"her dog shadow barked as he begs her to play with him "No Shadow.It’s no time for playing fetch.It’s too early"she said and continues to play with her yo-yo.Until she felt her phone buzz. Ugh!! Now who’s here to bother me at the beginning of my day she thinks as she checks her phone.It was a notification from Dare or Dare app. “Looks like there some terrible dares waiting for me.” She thinks as she jumps out of bed with excitement, keeping the yo- yo in her pocket.She wears her jacket and her roller skates as she left the house.

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I take out my phone and see the text, lets get this show on the road I smile to myself and start to walk to a cafe
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Azalea Yoon
Azalea was finishing up her morning run when she got the text. Her heart pounded with adrenaline at the mere thought of all the thrills she would endure. She slowed to a jog and entered a coffee shop, because she definitely needed more energy. The door was locked, but someone was clearly moving around. Azalea checked her watch; five minutes until the opening. Unfortunately, she was just as addicted to caffeine as she was to adrenaline. She bounced on her toes a little and pounded on the door.

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Aiden Avery:
Sweat was dripping from his body as the music blared in his ears, only pushing him to go further. The man had been up all night, restless enough that he had found himself at the 24-hour gym. Checking the time, a sigh escaped his lips as he realized that he had been up for most of the night, but then again, he had a good reason. The man knew that soon they would get the first notification the stupid app that had tormented him for the last few years, and that in itself was enough to keep him wired.

Aiden jumped slightly with the slight buzz of his phone, and a glance at him told him everything he needed to know.

It had begun.


Aisa García
Really? Who is at this time? I couldn’t sleep tonight; my dreams were full of nightmares and my eyes were starting to close now.
“Welcome to dare or dare”
I thought that I didn’t fill out the form for this…

Mm okay, let’s start the game.
ORP: Approachable


Leah Jackson
She hadn’t thought about the Dare or Dare since she got the text, but she became a bit paranoid when she saw quite a few other people distressed - possibly from the same text. Is it really that much of a big deal? Her thoughts were interrupted when someone from behind her came running. She looked over at who it was, and recognised him from some classes.

@Mashia - Derik Relish


Cameron Jones

I walk out the front door an hour later, deciding I was too jumpy for bed anyway. I take a deep breath as I get my ukulele and strum the strings softly while I walk along the pathway, heading for the park.

Craig Benjo

I suddenly hear loud thumping from the door. I look up and roll my eyes. Impatient people… I walk to the door and unlock it with a sigh, deciding to open up the cafe a few minutes early. I don’t wait for the person outside to come in and go back to the counter without a glance.


Derik Relish

I jog around the park area with a lazy smile, looking around at all the people around me. Most of them were old people out for a morning stroll. I debated on whether I should creep up on one of them…
I recognised a girl walking in front of me as I saw her glance at me. A small smirk came up on my face as I slowed my pace and walked with her.
“Hey, Leah right?” I said, remembering her name from a class or somewhere.


Kalilo Norfleet

I walk to the library casually and sit outside on the benches until the library opens for the day with a book in my hand.

Noah Skope

I open my door and squint as the light from outside hits my eyes. A small smirk graces my lips as I shove my hands in my pockets while walking down the street, heading to wherever my feet led me.

Elijah Foxworth

I walk back to bed in annoyance and try to fall asleep again. After tossing around, I grumble and get up to get ready for the day instead.


Kalilo, Cameron and Noah are approachable :slight_smile: