Dare or Dodge or SM -- Can you handle it?


Hello forumers! Up for a challenge? Well presenting DoDoSM! Here’s how it works: Basically truth or dare with NO truths, anyone can dare anyone ANYthing to do in the forums (as long as it stays within the guidelines of course). That person who is dared has 3 options, do the dare, call a dodge or call an SM.

SM- SM means ‘Save Me’. If someone gives you a dare you don’t want to do, you can call ‘SM!’ and tag someone. By doing this you’re asking the person you tagged to take your place and do the dare and set you free. The problem is, will they? If they do they will inherit your 5 DPs for that dare.

DODGE- By calling a dodge you’re basically asking to dodge the given dare and get a new one. Once a player has dodged a dare they must do the next given dare, and you cannot call an SM once you dodge. :smirk: You will still earn your 5 DPs for completing the dare.

DARE- This just simply means you accept and do the dare you were given. 5 DPs are earned for each completed one.

For each completed dare you do you gain 5 DPs, meaning Dare Points. Keep track of all your DPs, for whoever hits 100 DPs first WINS

                  _RULES AND REGULATIONS_

#1. When daring someone or calling someone for an SM please tag that person so they get the message and can join in the fun.

#2. NO CHEATING. Lying about how many DPs you have will ruin the fun of the game and will land you out of it.

#3. NO DRAMA. Don’t turn something intended to be fun into a war zone.

#4. NO PRIVATE DP TRANSACTIONS. You must earn all your DPs. However if someone who is called to save a player that’s been dared asks for DPs in return that is acceptable but must be done in the thread. No PMs.


#6. ENJOY! :wink:

Keep the game interesting (but still rule/guideline abiding) by giving interesting and/or crazy dares!
For any problems you may have please PM me
Let the games begin!

FinnTheGhost Birthday Appreciation Thread! 🎂

I dare @Days to create the plane crash coding for me that we were talking about before :joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I am barely able to code my own story :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: dodge (sorry girl :sob::sob:)

I dare @VenusPeach to write a poem about how much Shrek means to her.


I endorse this hilarious dare! :joy::ok_hand:


Queen appreciates :joy::joy::ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5:


Smh you know what I’m gonna do it


Shrek is a beautiful man
He could fry me on a pan
One day we went to the beach to eat some sand

His green slimey skin was kissed by the sun
And he has a nice bum
The beach was fun

Shrek is an art
And he shall never, truly leave my heart

Drops mic


That was beautiful. 5 points for you :joy:


oof LMAO thank you


I dare @Days to write a short fanfic about her and her forum wife


Lol I will try.

So, clears throat

This is how we first met:

One day, at a store - Days was hungry and was looking for something. However, she was not looking for food. Rather, she was looking for love. At the corner of Days’ eyes she saw a flash of long coral hair and as Days’ eyes were on her hair, she had felt something she did not feel in a while. Days’ felt butterflies and her heart beat was a little faster and this feeling was as familiar as one’s home. It was love. Days yearned to see the owner of such vibrant hair and impulsively she coughed. Suddenly, Days struggled to breathe as the coral haired girl looked at her. Stunned by the girl’s beauty, her coral hair framed her delicate features yet she had a stern look on her face. Days felt extremely nervous as she muttered “Hey, do you like cakes?” The girl’s expression softened and her expression of anger dissipated to a serene smile as she said “Of course.”


That is so bad I am so sorry I cannot fanfic :sob::sob::joy::joy:


Sheds tear

Wow, that was marvellous.


smh NO IT’S OKAY DW, you did the dare any way

But wow.


If you dodged me dare, then fine… @Days I dare you to smash a pie in somebody’s face. ( not mine )



smashes pie on @24aya’s face


Pieeeee😋 yummmmmmm

hope this pie is tasty because I am already bored of π


I dare @Days to write a song about someone on the forums


YAS @Days



Lol I am just getting all these dares.

Okay imma make a song about @livvy613 (it is a short song)

Dear Livvy,

I promise a PM,
But I take too long to answer,
I try my best to make it short but I know I am a snail,
We met on a thread about being marooned,
Spamming each other with ideas and brainstorms,
I am glad we met Livvy,


That. Doesn’t. Rhyme.