Dare to get to know me? 👽




Some of you already met me in my other thread “New Bee buzzing in or so” over in the Episode sub-forum. After talking to @Sydney_H I will now start a new one since the old one was closed. So if you want to know some more freaky facts about me, this is the place. :sunglasses:

Sorry @loveyourself, @DevilQueen and @JHW for the delay, I hope I can get back to you now. And maybe @Ilovemyself, @inkbabie, @Kate_Potter and some others might want to join in as well? The Dark Side is out of :cookie:, but we will find a way to celebrate this new thread. :tada:


If aliens are involved I’m game.


I guess I am the Alien here… :scream:
But as I mentioned before, I really was planning to work as a paranormal investigator after finishing university, but my chronic illnesses kept me from doing so.




Welcome back. :blush:


Same to you?


I am sorry to hear that.
You should still do it.
I would love to go on a ghost hunt. Not for the scares but for the experience.
I love everything about the paranormal… aliens… bigfoot… urban legends.
I’m a documentary junky as well.


Hope so, new thread, new home. :house:


I feel comfortable already.


I am actually a scaredy-cat, so I would skip the ghosts… :ghost::cold_sweat:


hands you a pillow That is nice. :clinking_glasses:
But to keep this thread on topic, I would like to encourage all of you to add some details about you to your posts. :wink:
I will be offline for now, but feel free to leave some questions. :sunglasses:


Being scared is a thrilled.
I mean I would probably cry but yeah… still fun non-the-less.
It would be quite the adventure.


I find no fun in being scared or thrilled, but I am also a very curious person, it’s an inner struggle. :sweat_smile:


I can see how that would be hard.
I am sure you would at least be happy you tried.

Or cry… I would probably cry but be happy at the same time?
I’m odd though.

What are you studying at the university?
I went for nursing but now I care for elderly in their homes.


:sleeping_bed:t3: Thank you!
But I’m a deep thinker, I have a tough exterior, but a soft interior, I love candy…


I do not cry anymore…
I studied for 2 years from 2001-2003 before I had to quit because of my fatigue. My subjects were philosophy, German literature and psychology. I was born in 1980, so I am a little bit older than most users here. :older_adult::sweat_smile:


Those sound lovely.
I was born in 1986 so we are around the same age.


Was it you who claimed the crown for being the caramel queen? :crown::custard::wink:
Well, try not to drown in your thoughts. :ocean::surfing_woman:


How did you know?


Wow, people here normally are between 13-24 years old from what I saw so far. :hushed:
I could use someone who takes care of me, I came back to Germany 2 years ago and still have to fight with bureaucracy to get into a fulltime health-care facility.