Dare to get to know me? 👽

Actually only on the other forums, as far as people are still active at all. I don’t have Instagram, only Facebook, but none of the people I met here have made contact with me there so far. JHW also used to e-mail me now and then. :wink:

@JHW: Child of the night, Halloween, you know. :grin: Plus it’s not too hot, no more heyfever, the leaves are colourful… :fallen_leaf::sunglasses:

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Le Bump. :sunglasses:

Where did everyone go? Summer vacations? :desert_island::beach_umbrella::tropical_drink:

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I’m so sorry, I still haven’t answered, my god… I will write you back… one day…
It will happen…I’m sure it will…

Yay, I definitely agree. Autumn is the best time of the year!
Most people I know prefer spring. :cry:



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Probably :sunny:

I’m glad this thread still exists after so many years. Thanks for creating it! :sparkles: :hugs:

For everyone who’s reading this:


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You’re not very active lately, are you okay?

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Yeah, I am just very sleepy due to the weather. :sleeping::sweat_smile:

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Everyone gone into an early hibernation? :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

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I started an episode story and cannot find it now. It was with characters Hadley and Finn and they are bestfriends. I got to create myself and was named Drew. Anyone know this story?

Yeah :sweat_smile:

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Sadly not. :crying_cat_face: