Dare to get to know me? πŸ‘½



We would be honored, right @JHW?? :smirk:


hey guys :wink:
Sorry i havent been able to comment due to limitations


Sorry for not posting much today, I started having a sore throat and muscle pain in my shoulder. :confounded: Getting old is not easy… :older_man::sweat_smile:


no worries, sundays are busy for a lot of people and shoot it might be almost Monday for most lol


Should not Sunday be the day one actually has some spare time? :thinking::sweat_smile:


Some ppl do homework last minute :woman_shrugging:t2: Lmao


True, I did that, too, when I was a pupil.


lmao same :rofl:


Yeahh :+1:


Still rather silent here. :thinking:
My laptop fights its way through the latest Windows 10 update, and my body with the little cold I caught, but you will hear more of me soon. Hope you all are save and sound. :sunglasses:


Doin good on my side!


Glad to hear that. :sunglasses:


just got writers block on my story is all lol


Either read some other stories to find inspiration or empty your head by doing something different for a while, you cannot force creativity. :wink:


so true :woman_facepalming:


That was so punny!

Take care, son. Take frequent nasal steams by keeping your face over hot boiling water! :hotsprings:


For once there was no pun intended there. :sunglasses:
My nose is runny, not clogged, but thx. I drink tea. :tea:


Ah, I hope so.


It is usually me fighting the Windows 10 update :joy:


We have all been there… :man_technologist::speech_balloon::bomb::boom::exploding_head: