Dare to get to know me? 👽



Well, I can see why.


He’s interesting.


That he is.
It’s nice to see a new face around here.




Lol, if anyone wants some ghost whispering tips I’m here…


??? what

ps this anyone else notice you can only do three question marks


Haha, it’s okay… they’re talking about the fact that I can see spirits IRL…


Better do not get me started, I am actually a bitter zynic misanthroph behind my poor word plays. :innocent:
Well, around what else should your world revolve? :thinking::sun_with_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


same lol


I do not believe in Karma, but in revenge. :smiling_imp:
In ancient Greece Nemesis was the Goddess of vengeance, but not in the way we see her today, she was not a Fury. Her duty was to make sure that noone gets too much good or bad in life, so it was more about balance.
I did not directly get my name from her, it started with the guy you see in my profile pic, he was the main villain in an early anime called Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, he was somewhat like Darth Vader with his own kind of Death Star. I named a RPG-character after him, a half-God created by the forces of evil to summon the forces of darkness throughout time and space and make them work together to overcome the forces of light. He became my idol and so I took his name when entering my first online community in May 1999.


You might have to specify what exactly you second here. :sweat_smile:
But welcome. :sunglasses:


Ok, while poor @Kate_Potter still tries to figure out in what she has gotten herself into here, I am a little bit worried about people liking my insanity… :clown_face::crazy_face::scream:
As for @Stargazer54, what do you do when you are not hunting ghosts? :wink:


Playing my violin, studying (barely) and writing. Mostly writing though, I procrastinate on the other things :rofl:


I am so glad there are others that feel the same haha


Ghosts and violin music, is your last name Addams? :wink:
Btw, do you know the song Stargazers by gothic rock band Nightwish? :sunglasses:


Are you? Well, we all need a bitter cynic misanthropic dude sometimes.
And now I want to hear you go on lol.


…And my mind goes back to waiting for you haha.


Sadly no… :sweat_smile:


Go on with what, telling freaky facts about me? :cowboy_hat_face:


Two questions, one answer, instead of making a diet on food modern girls make one on words, huh? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
You can find the song on YouTube, hyperlinking I can only do when I am on my laptop. :sweat_smile:


Sure, but I was referring to you going on a rant about life.
But still, tell me facts about you.