Dark humour, violence and sensitive subjects

So, I was wondering if the readers enjoy a little bit of dark humour and violence in the stories. To you know, spice things up a little bit, or is it frowned upon? Also if topics like depression and anxiety make people uncomfortable? I wanted to include a little bit of it all, but if no one’s gonna read it then me spending hours of my study time on episode coding is all for nothing. Let me know…

Make sure nothing you write breaks the Content Guidelines and if you deal with dark humour on sensitive topics, include a content warning at the beginning of the story explaining the humour used.


As LyraKeiken said pay attention to the Content Guidelines no excessive amount of blood, no more than 5 punches per episode and so on…

For the sensitive topics, they can be triggering for some people so you will have to be careful when using the dark humour.

Dark humour and sensitive topics don’t bother me but I know they’ll leave some people uncomfortable when used without taste.


I often see stories that include self-deprecating jokes- I’m using this as an example. And I usually find that funny and my type of humor. But I found out that there are people that felt uncomfortable with those kinds of jokes. Some people are uncomfortable when characters act so self deprecating- while there are people like me relates to the character. So, the stories that include anything that can make people uncomfortable won’t be everyone’s cup of tea… BUT there’s still gonna be people that will read and enjoy it. Just make sure to include a warning at the beginning of the story so no one will be offended and will be aware of what they will be reading.


For violence, depression and other sensitive topics, I would say no, I absolutely don’t like reading about this and I try to avoid these stories as much as possible.

As for dark humour… Well, I usually enjoy it in very informal conversations, but I wouldn’t put it into my stories. I’m often tempted to do so, but I don’t think it’s worth to make a few people laugh when you might offend some others at the same time.


I have depression and anxiety and I will read stuff like that because in my eyes it shows that I’m not the only one that has it but thats just me Idk about others

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Yes, thank you!

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I’ll follow the guidelines, thank you for letting me know

This makes so much sense!!

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