Dark Knightly - Check and Give Tips On My Art

Hello :blush:,

My name is @Dark_Knightly.
I need help :pleading_face: with my art. I started making it the other day.
And I need help with making the eyes :eye: and lips :lips:.

This what looks like:

I would love if you can help me.
And also plz put an example of Eyes and Lips to help me out.

Thank You,

Have A Good Day Or Night.



Hello my bad,

What I mean is that didn’t know how to make a nose and lips for my character. I would love :heartpulse: if someone show me by step by step how to make one nose and lip :lips:. I Tried videos :video_camera: but they were hard :confused: to do.

I am so sorry for the mix-up.
Thank You So Much,
Bye Now :wave:

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I would help, but I can’t.I have so many requests

It’s no problem

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I can teach you, if you’d like.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Btw I dance right now :dancer:

Here is the updated drawing I did

It looks bad to me

Wanna pm me for tips?

I can give tips too. I can do lips:

Thank you so much

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Hello @epy.queenie

I am on a computer all the time on Sunday and Saturday message me. Or give a heads up if you have the time to teach me how to draw and make a lip and eyes for my draws.


Thank You Have A Good Night Or Day

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I also know how to do anime. :blush:

I don’t always continue things though.

Omg I would love for you to teach me

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Hi :wave:
It’s been awhile.

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I think I learned how to make my own art