Dark/Sharp Filter Help!

Hello whoever is reading this💕. Im currently coding a story that isn’t released yet and I wanted to add dark filters but I don’t know the Saturation, Lightness, Opacity or Hue to use to be able to have it like this:

( Screenshot of story: Home Wrecker by Joriemar.

It sharpens her face and it looks really cool to use. I don’t know the settings to get to this filter type.

Im unsure of what filter to use as well.

Please help💕!

Did you intend to attach an example image or is the colon a typo?

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Yes I just attached an image!

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The example is at the top!

I’m hopping onto the portal now to create a filter for you. (:

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Thank yousomuch! Please try to match it like the example :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

&set hsl 0 12 -74 colorize with blendMode Overlay to 45%

&set hsl 0 100 -71 colorize with blendMode Multiply to 26%

&set hsl 0 62 -21

&set hsl 0 100 -60 no_colorize with blendMode Multiply to 53%

&set hsl 0 100 -60 colorize with blendMode Multiply to 53%

Here’s a few filters for you to try!


okay let me try it!

It was nice but it didn’t exactly sharpen their faces the way I like it. I was able to find it though!

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ah which filter is that!