Dark Skin isn't only one tone.... (Dark Skin Representation)

The title kinda explains it. I just wanted to address an issue people are constantly saying: “They always represent us blacks on Episode as Dark Skins.” The issue isn’t that they do: the issue is people keep saying that and it is untrue. In many episode stories, they represent us blacks as biracial, mixed, and/or light-skinned. Even if they do add dark skinned blacks, they are usually represented wrongly or not an important characters. For example, they usually give dark skinned characters light lips or make them go by a dumb stereotype of being loud and sassy. It just gets me angry when people have the audacity to say they always represent us as dark skinned when they really don’t. Dark skins are barely seen in Episode. Usually they are just background characters. It’s like people mainly think or imply as if dark skin is just one skin tone, when they’re varieties of it. Like Chestnut, Rosewood, Gold 08, Copper 09, etc. Stop making it seem like light skins are barely represented. Because us light skins are most likely to be seen in stories than them. I want more dark skinned character representation! In society and in Episode, we disrespect them and don’t treat them the same as any other. Dark skins get the most hate and that’s a fact. We need to give them more recognition and love. That’s all I have to say. Thanks. :v:t5:

FYI- I am not forcing anyone to add Dark SKINS! I’m just saying at least give them more representation and recognition.


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