Darken and lighten rooms


I would like to know if there is a way to darken or to lighten a place ?
Thank you <3


You can lighten the scene by writing @BACKGROUND with SUNNY


Thank you really much :smiley: and is it possible to do the same to darken it ?


You could add the darker effect overlay, which will make the characters darker too, to blend in, just write the name of the background ex,


THANK YOU really much Qamar_J_S :smile:
Thank you Alliyah !
It really helped me (i didn’t know these codes) !


You’re most welcome! <3


No problem (:smile:


That’s not how you write backgrounds, and “SUNNY” isn’t a thing…

backgrounds start with EXT./ INT. and then the name.

to add an overlay you write something like for example:


You would need to add an overlay to make it “sunny” don’t make up stuff it’s super annoying.


Does this really work?


I didn’t make it up sunny is a filter…


But that’s not how you write a filter’s name. it’s a long code, you don’t write it in a background, you write it like this:

@set hsl 39 40 0 colorize with blendMode OVERLAY to 78%

This is how you write the sunny filter. Just press on it in the library works too.


It doesn’t… @Alliyah meant a filter, you write it like:

@set hsl 39 40 0 colorize with blendMode OVERLAY to 78%


Oh okay


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