Dashboard Glitching?

I have 135 reads on my story and I check the portal often to view the dashboard. The last time I checked, the dashboard said I had 104 reads, even though the main page showed 135. Today, I checked again and it now says the dashboard says I have 101 reads. Is this a glitch or something? Is the dashboard not calculating my reads properly? It’s kind of confusing because I have 135 reads but the dashboard is so low. Also, it dropped from 104 to 101.


Hey JMO,

No, that is how it always was. Advice: do not rely on the reads they give on the app, rely on the reads they give on the writers portal. As long as I am on episode (since 2018/2019) the amount of reads on the app are lesser than on the writer portal.

Love A-W

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Your “view story stats” shouldn’t go down during the month, but your dashboard changes every day.

The dashboard is 30 days back from today, so if you had days with a lot of reads a month back and haven’t gotten the same amount yesterday or days close to now, your stats will go down.

Does that make sense? :smiling_face:


And what @Tabiso.stories said makes sense.

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Ohhh, I understand now. I thought the dashboard wasn’t calculating correctly because I kept seeing my reads and gems decreasing. I was under the impression that the reads and gems would add by the month. Thanks a lot!

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