Data Did Not Transfer


None of my data from my android phone transferred to my new Iphone, and it keeps saying that my account is associated to a different platform. Can someone please help?


Try going to settings on the app and clicking ‘restore data’. You can restore data with google or Facebook.


I tried, but it didn’t work, for the google one it said that the account was linked to a different game platform .


Oh. Can you use your old phone? Maybe submit a ticket if people can’t help because I’m not sure and I don’t want to tell you the wrong answer. :frowning:


Did you use the username and password that Episode gives you in the app?


yeah, the username and password showed up, but none of my tickets nor diamonds and stories did appeared.


I’d fill out a ticket then, babe


Using this link: []


Goooood morning everyone :sun_with_face:! Went ahead and moved the thread to the Report a Bug Mobile App Bug section of the forums. Thanks to @RudeInception and @WinterMoon05 for mentioning submitting a request. :ok_hand:


I don’t think you can transfer Android data onto your iPhone…


i am facing the same problem how can i fix this issue


I had the same problem and was told you can’t transfer data from a android to a iPhone


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