Date Ideas please

In my story, the MC and a love interest go on a date. I’m not a romantic type but I need an idea of what they should do on the date.
FYI, they are high-schoolers; so no bars or clubs ideas please.
It can be romantic and/or fun.
Any ideas please. Thank you

Maybe he could give her some flowers or a rose, or something.

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The best dates, and the ones that have the most impact are the personal ones. E.g in my story, the guy took the MC to a planetarium because she wants to be a scientist and he knew she would love it more than a boring dinner.

What do the characters like?

MC wants to be a photographer
the love interest plays guitar

OMG!!! That actually fits so well with my story! Roses are perfect! Thank you!!!

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It depends who is planning the date but maybe it could be:

  • go somewhere scenic to take photographs (end the date by taking a photo of the both of them)
  • visit a photography studio
  • attend a gig
  • love interest could write a piece of music for the MC then perform it.

These are really good ideas.
I really like the performing one
I forgot to mention the MC is a really good singer but shy when singing in public…

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