Dating Sim minigame in a story?

In my story, I’m planning for there to be a little dating sim minigame if a character makes a certain choice. Of course, it won’t be the whole dating sim so it wouldn’t be a majority of the chapter, but just a bit of it. (It is one of my original creation so there’s no copyright trouble.)

If you were reading a story and this happened, what would you think? Would you find it boring? Would you think it was lame and not worth your time? I’m truly curious as to what other readers would think about it.


I’ll read it! :slight_smile:

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Send me the link whenever it’s uploads!!

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Honestly I think I would really enjoy it!!

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Could you maybe explain to me what a Dating Sim is? Sorry, stupid question. I’m such a dweeb :woman_facepalming::joy:

It seems interesting

It’s okay, not many people know what it is. A Dating Sim is a simulation role-playing game more popular in Japan. There are multiple routes that you can take in it and they’re all purely romance, usually having three main routes with the “dere” tropes in it.


Oh, I think I’d be happy to read that! :slightly_smiling_face:

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