Davidcrvz explains "How to do spotlight directing"


So when you use the spotlight feature your are not suppose to add or place characters in a spot for example


@transition fade in black 0.2
@pan to zone 2 in 0.5

    CHARACTER ONE (admire)
Hey guys
As you can see here I was not placed in a spot
I just started talking and I came from the right
In order for me to come from the right I needed to be the "main character"

    CHARACTER 2 (curtsey)
As you can see now when I starts talking I appear automatically
And character one disappeared from the stage
In order for her to re-appear she needs to speak again

@pan to zone 1 in 1.0

@CHARACTER THREE stands screen left AND CHARACTER THREE faces right

    CHARACTER THREE (talk_suggest)
So I was told to do this
CHARACTER THREE stands screen right AND CHARACTER THREE faces left
As you can see from here I was needed to be placed in this format
Thats because since I changed zones I needed to be added in a spot
Or else I would have appeared in a random spot which will mess up your script

@pan to zone 2 in 1

    CHARACTER ONE (talk_neutral)
Well as for me
I will always be appearing in the right
Thats because I'm the "main character"
But if you don't add a main character
I will just have been appearing at random places like character three said

    CHARACTER 2 (talk_excited)
I hope this helped you with the spotlight directing
If you have question
Please ask them in the comment

    CHARACTER ONE (talk_greet)
Well see ya

Any further question will be answer, I hoped this helped you a lot

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