Davidcrvz Explains "Insert music, transition and more!"


So here I am gonna show you how to add music and sounds , different type of transition and let the readers type there answers.


So different type of transition are

  • fade
  • iris
  • shade
  • curtain
  • dissolve

-For fade: (in, out)
-For iris (in, out)
-For shade (up,down)
-For curtain (in_left, out_left, in_right, out_right, in_top, out_top, in_bottom, out_bottom)
-For dissolve (start, end)

#Sorry to say but I can’t say for sure if most people can use the dissolve transition but just had to add the transition in

colors you can only use this are


If you want to put time in it you could do something like this in the example

@transition fade in black s
@transition fade out black s
@transition iris in s
@transition shade up s
@transition curtain in_left s

S = How much seconds you want to put

So for dissolve I can’t say you wan use but I’ll explain it

@transition dissolve start s
@transition dissolve end s

#Note that everything needs to be lower case


For music is quiet simple

music MUSIC (insert any music or sound so in can loop)
sound SOUND (insert sound or music only for a short period of time)

To stop a music or sound just add this in

music off
sound off

To fade music just add this for example

volume music 0 in 2000 (this in milliseconds not seconds)
volume sound 0 in 200 (this is milliseconds not seconds)

#Note that everything needs to be lower case AND don’t add the @


To let the character type in a word just copy this if it so confusing

label Password

What's the password?

label input_password

input What’s the password?|What’s the password?|Done(PASSWORD)

if (TEXT is “”) {

You need a password.

goto password

} else {

if (TEXT is “(PASSWORD)”) {

Access granted.

goto password_correct
} else {




“Try again” {

goto password


label password_correct

So you don’t really need to put the (PASSWORD) were is say is correct you can put anything there BUT don’t put the () in only letter AND they need to be upper case

So for simple typing choice just insert this

What is you're name?

label name

input What is you’re name?|What is you’re name?|Done(NAME)

if (NAME is “”) {

You do need a name

goto name

} else {

This next choices is still in beta testing and will be updated in the future


Different type of choices

  • Gems
  • shouldPaginate
  • shouldGiveXP
  • layout
  • timedAutoChoose
  • visual
  • timed
  • visual_paginate
  • tACE


Like in Episode Officials stories, this choice can allow you to make a gem choice. Depending on how much read your story has.

  • 2 gems for stories with less than 10,000 reads
  • 5 gems for stories with between 10,000 and 100,000 reads
  • 10 gems for stories with over 100,000 reads

An Example is like this-

< GEM > “Choice 1”{

}“Choice 2”{

}“Choice 3”{


More about gem choices you can learn HERE!


You could use this method something like this for shouldPaginate

choice [ shouldPaginate ]
“choice 1”{

}“choice 2”{

}“choice 3”{

}“choice 4”{

}“choice 5”{

}“choice 6”{


This is for shouldPaginate
#Note that you need at least 6 or more different type of choices for it to work


choice [ shouldGiveXP ]
“choice 1”{

}“choice 2”{

}“choice 3”{


This choice is for shouldGiveXP


Layout will put the choices in stacks from of 2

choice [ layout ]
“choice 1”{

}“choice 2”{

}“choice 3”{


This choice is for layout


This is one of the timed choices method you can type in so the reader have a limited amount of time to chose for a choice

choice [ timedAutoChoose ]
“choice 1”{

}“choice 2”{

}“choice 3”{


This choice is for timedAutoChose


Now the visual choice is kind of tricky to master and type in, you could say is like the the Tappable Overlay

choice [ visual : [ frames ] NAME OF CHOICE ]
“choice 1”{

}“choice 2”{

}“choice 3”{


This choice is for visual


This is the other method of the timed choice which you can put in the time on how long the reader can chose the choice


choice [ timed ]
“choice 1”{

}“choice 2”{

}“choice 3”{



choice [ timed : s ]
“choice 1”{

}“choice 2”{

}“choice 3”{


S = How long you want it to be in seconds (max 15)

This choice is for timed


Apparently they are gonna make a code for the visual_paginate choice when they fully release this update (is basically a choice dress visual update like the tappable overlay

choice [ visual_paginate ]
“choice 1”{

}“choice 2”{

}“choice 3”{



This choice is for tACE (I still don’t know what it is for but you can try if you want :man_shrugging:)

choice [ tACE ]
“choice 1”{

}“choice 2”{

}“choice 3”{


This choice is for tACE

#Note that you need to write it EXACTLY how it is or it will just give you an error, and you don’t add the ( ) nor the { } you HAVE to use the brackets [ ] for it to work

Well I hope this helped you a lot if you have any questions please say so

Transitions please
How do I start music for the rest of a scene?

If you have anymore questions you can ask them here is you want


Hi, so about the dissolve transition, is it:

@transition start dissolve in 5


@transition dissolve start in 5

Or is it something else cause it’s not working for me


Well that transition isn’t suppose to be there sorry :sweat_smile: if you use it it will just give an error, I just had to add the transition to make it clear sorry.


Oh, no problem
Thank you


Ugh needed to updated something due to a mistake :sweat_smile: if I have any more error please say so


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This was really helpful for me!




Hey @Davidcrvz

I’ve been trying to test out the different choices, but I’m still not really sure what they do. Do you have any more information for:

  • shouldGiveXP - specifically, what is it giving XP towards? What can this be used for?

  • visual - if I do this choice the way episode has it, it comes up with an error that says to specify what characters, backgrounds or overlays to use for each choice option. But if I do that way you’ve written it, it says that it’s not a supported key and just lists the other ones.

  • visual_paginate - do you know if this one works yet?

  • tACE - what’s this one even supposed to do? I don’t notice a difference when I test it out.

Also you spelled “layout” wrong a few times in your guide and the code for the auto choice is “timedAutoChoose”.


Hello @amberose. To answer your question there might be some glitching if you use some of this things but I will let you know how they work! :grinning:


Now this is like the point system but different. You can use this in each character to bond the up, Build relationships and more! Here is an example you can find useful


Who do you want to give X.P to?

choice [shouldGiveXP]

    Linda now has | bold , color:blue | 15 XP!

@MARK 15

    Mark now has | bold , color:blue | 15 XP!


    Emily now has | bold , color:blue | 15 XP!


The only problem I am having is remembering the X.P’s :sweat_smile:


Like I said that visual is kind of tricky to master, Is like the tappable Overlay. You either need to give the name of the overlay, Background or character you want to use like this for example-

This is a visual Choice!

choice [visual:[frames] LINDA ]

@DEMIN spot 1.28 150 100 AND DEMIN faces left
@LINDA spot 1.28 150 100 AND LINDA faces left
@DEMIN moves to layer 2
@LINDA moves to layer 1
@DEMIN starts hug_rear
@LINDA starts hug




You can even find an example here


Like I said Episode is still making a (or already created) a code. It could make sense if you make the choice into a tappable overlay choice and just do that instead for the momment


I see your point this choice, I can’t really say what’s the differences between this choice and the normal one but Eh :man_shrugging: Just had to add that there

#Sorry if I couldn’t answer all of your question or if I didn’t answer them correctly. Like I said I don’t really know much of this myself


Thanks so much for the help! I’m guessing they might still be working on tACE since both of us can’t seem to find any differences


No problem. Happy I could be an assistance :wink: Can’t wait for the update about all of this :blush: then all of this can make more sense :joy:


Yeah, it’s been almost 6 months since you made this topic, so I’m suspecting it should all become official real soon


um…typo… ':sweat_smile:


I mean it almost took me an hour to write the whole thing since my computer is being repaired so I didn’t notice that :sweat_smile:


Hi David,
Great explanation! My choices won’t work.
Could you tell me where I went wrong?
Thank you in advance


Can you send me like the script? Sorry can’t zoom in into the picture


line 265 needs to be “…”{