Davidcrvz Explains "Insert music, transition and more!"


So here I am gonna show you how to add music and sounds , different type of transition and let the readers type there answers.

So different type of transition are

  • fade
  • iris
  • shade
  • curtain
  • dissolve

-For fade: (in, out)
-For iris (in, out)
-For shade (up,down)
-For curtain (in_left, out_left, in_right, out_right, in_top, out_top, in_bottom, out_bottom)
-For dissolve (start, end)

colors you can only use this are


#Note that everything needs to be lower case

For music is quiet simple

music MUSIC (insert any music or sound so in can loop)
sound SOUND (insert sound only for a short period of time)

To stop a music or sound just add this in

music off
sound off

To fade music just add this for example

volume music 0 in 2000 (this in milliseconds not seconds)

#Note that everything needs to be lower case AND don’t add the @

To let the character type in a word just copy this if it so confusing


What's the password?

label input_password

input What’s the password?|What’s the password?|Done(PASSWORD)

if (TEXT is “”) {

You need a password.

goto password

} else {

if (TEXT is “(PASSWORD)”) {

Access granted.

goto password_correct
} else {




“Try again” {

goto password


label password_correct

So you don’t really need to put the (PASSWORD) were is say is correct you can put anything there BUT don’t put the () in only letter AND they need to be upper case

So for simple typing choice just insert this

What is you're name?

label name

input What is you’re name?|What is you’re name?|Done(NAME)

if (NAME is “”) {

You do need a name

goto name

} else {

Well I hope this helped you a lot if you have any questions please say so


If you have anymore questions you can ask them here is you want