Day & Night Backgrounds

Hey, so I saw the background that was released today while scrolling through and I was a bit disappointed that there was no day/plain version of it. So I thought I’d make my own and share it.

Are there any other backgrounds that people wish we had more versions of? Or day/night versions that would be handy to have?


This is great, thank you. :slight_smile: INT. HOSPITAL NURSERY - DAY
but a night version (like toned down lighting and the outside be night ) would be awesome.

Hello, LyraKeiken! Thank you so much for making these backgrounds for us. I love them! If you have an opportunity, I would love a day version and the exact version of your third background for this background → INT. POSH LA HOME - NIGHT

Hey, I think someone has already made a cut-out for that background on this thread here!

Thank you for letting me know!

You are a godsend! Thank you! :pray:
I keep going back to EXT. GATED COMMUNITY ENTRANCE - NIGHT … unless I’m missing a thread or background, I can’t find a day version :blob_sun:


I don’t have that one as a day background, but I do have both a night and day version of EXT. MANSION GATE ENTRANCE - DAY


I recommend using the dim 60 overlay with this background so your characters also appear darker (since there’s no lights)


Oh that’s very kind of you. Thank you Lyra!

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you are a godsend thank you :white_heart:

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This looks amazing!!! @LyraKeiken thaNo you!!! This helps a lot!!!


This is incredible!!! @LyraKeiken you have outdone yourself with these bgs!

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