Day to Night background edit needed

Hi guys :two_hearts:

Can someone edit this for me? I just need it to be a night version (something like a night sky/skyline of NYC outside the windows).

You can find the three backgrounds below!

Thanks :cherry_blossom:


i can but gotta know if they are royalty free

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I found them on google :sweat_smile: but I’m gonna edit them too after, so they look less “real life”-ish :relaxed:

if you can do that you can make them night version.

that is litarraly just using black colour and make opcaity 50%

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Not exactly what I meant, but thanks anyway :see_no_evil: :smiley: That’s a website you can make night image if that’s what you was looking for.

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Thanks! I’ll try that :relaxed:

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