Day to Night background help plz! <3

Hiya, Would anyone be able to please turn this background into a night one? Some people have asked for this already but the picture ended up stretched. :confused: Is anyone able to help me please haha?
I have no skill in photo editing or anything close haha :sweat_smile:

I’ll make sure to tag my saviour! :wink:
Also if someone knows who made this background PLEASE let me know!!!

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Is that a episode background or did someone make it?

I’m pretty sure someone made it.

Or they at least changed the pictures on the wall.

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I would try to find out who edited it originally and see if they have a night version. So people aren’t stealing their artwork. Have you looked on episodelife? It might have a night version of that one.

I can try if chay hasn’t

Also if they don’t have it in night then you can use the overlay Episode give’s
But please make sure you find out who it belongs to so you can credit them for there work. :slight_smile:


Yes… that’s why I asked… lol

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Don’t know if it will work


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This background is by @smilla.episode and there is a night version of it

I’m pretty sure she’s changed her user name though


@shellyg?? Is that who you were thinking?

Thank you for finding out!!! I’ll try find them and figure out their new name maybe haha

That could work well actually thank you!

Lol I hadn’t even heard of episode life haha, thanks, I’ll take a peek!

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Well I did some digging for you and she doesn’t have instagram anymore but you still got to credit her :slight_smile:
And I found the night version if you want it

So i scrolled through all the pages and couldn’t seem to find it, though a page was like broken and couldn’t load a lot of images, so it could’ve been there? I’ll try follow up on @Atreus 's point though :wink:

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