Day to night. Does this look ok?


I’ve been playing around with editing my own covers and splashes. Today i decided to attempt a background edit but I’m not sure if it looks ok. In the portal we only have this kitchen in day.

I tried to change it to night and add a similar looking night outside the windows. The buildings look a bit different but what do you guys think? Does this look ok?



They both look cool! The second one looks kind of purple-y and very dark but I really like them. :slight_smile:


Yeah I decided to give it a quick try while my little one was taking a nap. I might try again and fix up the windows better. Maybe darken it more so it’s less purple-y and more night like.


This looks great! I love the purple-y windows.


Not sure if it’s good enough for anyone to want to use but feel free to use it and credit me.

Here’s the kitchen in the evening time with the purpleish sky.


Woah. Beautiful! :heart::smiley:


its beautiful


They’re so cool! I really like them! :blush:


That looks amazing!!


They look great!!!


They look cool! What software do you use for this?


I did it on my phone with these 2 apps.

Eraser removes things and turns them into png. I also use that to make my own overlays or my own character splashes that look like the Episode loading screen. Then pixlr to darken the backgrounds and stuff.


To give my own critique on it, it’s too harsh for the eyes, my eyes literally started to hurt when I stared at it. If you can, reduce the harshness on the furniture so it’s just on the outside. Also, you might want to add highlights to make it seem more polished.



wtf that’s amazing!


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