Day version and overlays for this BG?

does anyone have the day version of this bg and overlays for the entrance area for both the day and night version?

or any other luxurious hotel bgs? i would prefer this, but if there aren’t any, then the picture i referenced is fine!

would this be good? i couldnt find one so i ended up making it by myself lmk if u would like the overlays :smile:

yes, it’s perfect! and i would like the overlays, please. i’ll make sure to credit you in my story :slight_smile:

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it looks a little choppy but i tested it and it works :sweat_smile:
& its already in its correction position so it should fit right without resizing it

okay, thank you very much! do you have an insta or would you prefer i credit you on the forums?

ah, i completely forgot one more thing :smiling_face_with_tear: does anyone have the day version of this bg?

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forums is fine :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I remember changing the background of this a while ago, here’s the thread to it :smiling_face:

Does this work?

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thank you, but i’d like if the building behind were a brighter color as well, if possible :slight_smile:


How about this?

Day version

Kind regards,
Sigma :wolf: