Days is Seeking Advanced Art for Splashes Please ❤


T’is I the author of Crossed Paths!


I will be making text overlays and need splash sized edits/artwork please (plain and NO TEXT) :heart:

I need these in a few days, thank you.

I will be adding more details soon but want to know if any of you could draw this kinda pose.

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I will be posting more info soon but I need to just find some nice custom poses haha :sparkling_heart:

Which words do you need?

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No words needed as this will be a plain splash :sparkling_heart:

Do you need me to make it for you?
I could make the overlay words, too. If you’d like.

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Could you do the custom pose shown above? If so, yes please! I will send more details your way.

I’ll try my best, please don’t be mad if it doesn’t look the exact same.

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Of course I won’t be mad :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: I have seen your work and I adore it

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I mainly added the example as a reference to the sort of ‘intimate’ pose that Mindy and Derek will have & I will make sure to add more details soon as I gotta go in a bit

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Aww, thank you! I unfortunately don’t do digital art, which I think is the picture you showed because I cannot draw! It’s going to be photoshop but with custom pose if I can!

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That is awesome thanks!

Give me the information whenever you can! Take your time, I don’t mind.

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Hello again.

So here are the character details


Hair: chestnut brown - beach wave hair

Eyes: Upturned Feline - Taupe

Nose: Upturned

Face: Oval

Brows: Defined Natural

Skin: Caramel

Outfit: Your choice (casual and cute :heart:)

Lips: Classic - Ruby Red


Hair: Generic Short Black Hair

Eyes: Deepset Piercing

Face: Defined Triangle

Brows: Medium Sharp

Nose: Roman

Lips: Classic - Terracotta

Skin: Olive

Outfit: Casual please :sparkling_heart:

BG same as above example as well please

Thanks so much!!

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Wow… you’re letting me choose their outfits. Okay! I’ll try to have this done within a couple of days.

Awesome and haha I am a nightmare with picking out outfits sorry :joy:

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I don’t think you’d be that bad!

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Aw thanks - it is mainly the decision making that bothers me hahaa

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Omg me too

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You know the struggle :sob::sob:

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Yes, I unfortunately do.

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