Daytime Version Needed?

Does anyone have a daytime version of this background? Or do you know someone who does, because I would really like to use it. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I can change it for you…


I’m working t now

I did 2 versions… if you decide to use them please credit @EpisodeStudio


They arent the best… sorry

Well this is the best I can do for you :pensive:




You don’t have to credit me if you use them but that will be great!


HI, what’s your Instagram name, I’d like to use one of yours?

it’s david_crvz

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Thank you, will credit you when I release the story its for (I’m doing a contest at the moment and this is for another story :slight_smile:

Np, happy to be an assistance :grin:

@Ryan Please close this, I got what I needed :smiley:

Isn’t that last edit @ChayChay’s?

No you can compare them if you want

his or hers is more brigheter

no they used her art and edited it a tiny bit without credit. That’s not ok

So they took my picture and brightened it some… look at the skyzz they didn’t do it in the other 2… I worked hard to change te sky

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And yet I used canva and paint

dude. Admit it.



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Even the shadowing is the same… please don’t use someone else’s art like that without crediting

If you want I can show you but I am not lying so I can make another one if that doesn’t bother you anymore

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