DC or MARVEL? and why?

I personally like MARVEL much more.
DC characters are old and boring…
What do ya think??


EDIT : Bcuz my irrelevant ass HAS heard of DC before but just never … you know what I don’t even understand what I wanted to write anymore

Superman,Superwoman,Aquaman and Walvarin are from DC.(Justice league)


Image. The more creative side of Marvel moved to Image resulting in amazing runs in the 90’s and very unique work from the 00’s on.


  • Happy!
  •    The Walking Dead
  •    Outcast
  •    Youngblood
  •    Pitt
  •    Wildcats

Marvel.is more original and they have better actors and stories also effects in Marvel are A LOT better.

I still like “avengers” more

I actually just had this conversation with my best friend the other day. :joy:
But we came to this conclusion. We love both Marvel and DC but for different reasons.
We prefer Marvel’s Heroes and DC’s villains. We didn’t like DC’s heroes as much because they just seemed more plain and kinda boring, while the villains are just very well thought out, and you don’t hate their villains the way you tend to hate Marvels. I say this because with Marvel their villains are SO evil you just can’t really like them, lol. But Marvel heroes are just great. They have a good comedy factor plus their heroic qualities. But that’s just my opinion haha. Everyone has their own thoughts about this.


Marvel, but Wonder Woman :heart_eyes:

I love how they include comedy,especially in Spider-man and Deadpool.
Loki is kinda vilian but I still love him :smile:


I agree. Deadpool is probably one of my all time favorites! And I love Loki too though :joy:

But yes villains are veryyyy evil,like I hateeeee Thanos (he killed he’s daughter andd he killed Spiderman and Dr.Strange so I hte him from bottoms of my soul!)

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They killed off Spider-Man in the worst way ever! I absolutely want to cry just thinking about it lol. :cry: :joy:

Which moviess from Marvel are your favourite?

Me and my friend in cinma.cried like crazyy,Dr.Strange and Spider-man are my favourites and Thanos killed them.both!

Oh jeez. My favorite? Let’s see. The new Spider-Man for sure. Deadpool. Captain America. The Avengers. I honestly can say that I love all Marvel movies, but those are my absolute favorites haha.

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And saaameeee.

Mine favourites
Thor 3
Guardians of galaxy vol 2
Spiderman homecoming
All Avengers
Deadpool 1 (I like the second on but 1 one is better)
Ant-man :joy:

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Those are great moviesss

In terms of the movies, Marvel wins by far. But for comics, I would actually pick DC. The villains are more believable and sympathetic, and the overall stories are darker and more complex. Lol this is a hard choice for me though because I love both of them.


Marvel !!!