DC or MARVEL? and why?


I love DC, don’t get me wrong- but I think I prefer Marvel because two of my top favorite movies are Marvel movies.


Well it depends… you are talking to a girl who loves Marvel and DC a little too much… :wink: to be honest… Marvel’s TV shows suck… except the daredevil and a couple other ones… But their movies are amazing :heart_eyes: DC is just very dark in general… Their movies aren’t as exciting as their TV Shows … ie The Flash, Arrow, ect… for Movies the winner definitely is Marvel, But for TV Shows it goes to DC lol




I Have never seen any DC movies,which ones are the best?
I mean I saw every thriller for every DC movies and I watched 30 mins of Walvarine. (But it was so boring I couldn’t watch it )


i’m a newcomer to superhero movies but i gotta say Marvel.

the movies are a bit more comedic & i love how connected they all are.
and the characters interact so well & have so much chemistry !!!

i haven’t seen a lot of DC, srry srry, but i definitely agree that the villains are peak point & more interesting than the protagonists.

meanwhile in Marvel, i would happily bash Thanos’s stupid purple pumpkin head in


I’d say both. I like both the darkness and violence of DC’s comics, as well as the justice-filled heroes of Marvel. Sorry if both isn’t exactly an answer, I just love them both. ^^"


Ikr right? Wonder Woman is the best!!! :sunglasses: :sparkling_heart:


For you Deadpool fans…the guy who created Deadpool also has tons of comics published at Image. Lot’s of them actually based off of the artwork and character Deadpool. :slight_smile:


Marvel for life…I like DC but it’s too sad & dark. Marvel is funny and has good story plots and good superheroes. Infinity War…wow. They had to mix up all the stories to make me one big 3 hour movie that was amazing. Marvel is better. I like the Avengers, Guardians of The Galaxy and Black Panther.


For me, it’s definitely Marvel when it comes to the films. With the exception of Wonder Woman, there’s not a single DC film that I like, and I feel like they’re trying to copycat Marvel by expanding their cinematic universe and give each superhero their own film with mostly, in my opinion, bad results. I really like Wonder Woman but I think that they’re trying too hard to be like Marvel nowadays and my thoughts when watching the film went straight to the first Captain America film. When it comes to Marvel I can’t even begin to put words on how much I love it. The only downside is the villains. Many lack any depth and seems to share the same plan but with slightly different ways to achieve their goals.
But when it comes to the tv-shows I think DC is doing a much better job. Like with DC’s films there is only one tv-show Marvel has done that I actually like, which is Agent Carter. I love Peggy and I have a soft spot for anything that is set in the first part of the 20th century. As for the tv-shows, DC Legends of Tomorrow is a personal favourite of mine. It combines two of my favourite things, history and superheroes, so I was bound to love it. I’m just slightly afraid that they will ruin it for me. American tv-shows tends to either run for too many seasons or not enough seasons.


B…b…but…they are both comic book companies. For both Marvel and DC the only way to bring their characters to the big screen is by bringing their characters to the big screen. Wouldn’t call it copying rather than just doing what any business does. Especially since DC has a more dark and grim tone to the films while Marvel is all happy go lucky.


Well… while it’s true that both started out as comic book companies and I’m not even going into a discussion about who have been inspired by the others superheroes and plotlines. DC did make superhero films prior to Marvel’s success. The Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises being example of this and they certainly kept the dark tone we usually associate with the company’s films. Fast forward to today and the superhero genre is in a golden era and of course DC wouldn’t want to waste this and let Marvel have all the fun. But in my opinion it feels like DC saw how successful Marvel had become with the concept and decided to do the same. Which they are allowed to but I feel like their films have lost their touch. Take Justice League for example, a film which do have a darker tone than any Marvel film but characters are making bad jokes left and right, which seems to me a way to mimic that comedic tone Marvel has in their films. But then again this is only how I see it and I can say that I am biased because I love Marvel films so I can’t say that I’m particularly objective in this question.