Dead 7 by Kayla Sloan’s Fan Club

Hello! So, I’ve read Kayla Sloan’s story Dead 7 twice. I think it’s my favorite story of hers.
It’s just so hilarious and I think it fits in with the action (and kind of dramatic) side of it too.
This story is so creative too and even though all the main characters - apart from Riley obviously - are trying to kill her (at the beginning anyways), the characters are still so likable and unique.

Are there any other Dead 7 fans out there?

Here are some questions:

  1. Who’s your favorite character?
  2. What’s your favorite episode?
  3. Who did you choose to save? The kids or the grandpa?
  4. Did you expect the twists? The reveal of Ace’s attempted killer and how Riley was on her fathers side all along but it wasn’t actually real?
  5. What’s your favorite scene?
  6. Funniest scene?
  7. Favorite relationship?

Hey do you know what happens if ace doesnt kill riley’s dad
I hope I’m referring to the correct story

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Yeah. You’re referring to the right story. I’m sorry but I actually can’t really remember :laughing::woman_facepalming:t2:. I know I’ve read the story twice and I’ve made a fan page of it but I can’t remember how it ends because I didn’t actually read the whole entire thing the second time. Sorry. I’ll read the rest of it and I can tell yoy

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Thnx x

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Hi what happens if you choose to shoot Riley’s dad??

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Do you mean the choice where Riley has to choose between the kids or her caretaker? I haven’t finished the story yet so maybe you’re further in then me.

I know this post was like 2 years ago but I love this story.