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Dead- End Facility RP:

A secluded underground facility.

This is where you wake up one day without knowing how. No windows, no exits, no electronic devices… Nothing. Only you and a few other people who are as clueless. You still remember your past life but not how you ended up here.

Why are you here? How do you escape? Who are those people who call themselves “the Guardians”? What do they want from you?

While you try to figure out how and why you got trapped in the facility, strange events begin to occur. On top of that, the residents are falling sick, one after another. What’s happening?

You need to figure it out.

If you are wondering:

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  • Offensive behaviours towards other roleplayers aren’t tolerated. Let’s all be nice to each other!:grin:

  • The characters can’t know each other from before the facility.

  • When you write a reply on the Official RP Thread, try to write minimum 5 lines, please. If you don’t know what to write, think about “What’s my character saying?”, “What’s my character doing?”, “What’s my character feeling?”, “What’s my character thinking?”.:pencil2:

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Let’s enjoy this RP together!

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Rooms assignment:

Zen/Lilith = room 98
Rei = room 99

Brooke B. = room 101
Ashley S. = room 102
Briar G. = room 103
Penelope A. = room 104
Andrea W. = room 105
Ky = room 106
Claire M. = room 107
Mikita P. = room 108
Elliot V. = room 109
Joseph M. = room 110
Connor = room 111
Jade H. = room 112
Adelaide H. = room 113
Echo = room 114
Marissa H. = room 115
Blake F. = room 116
Griffin = room 117
Vanessa B. = room 118
Xavier H. = room 119
Lucky B. = room 120
Quinn V. = room 121
Mariah = room 122


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I throw a glance at the clock on the wall. It’s time. They will wake up soon.
Zen is next to me, holding a sleeping Lilith in his arms.

“She is exhausted.” he says, while softly fondling her hair. I answer him with a nod, a bit out of it.
“We need to go meet them.” I know he knows. But I wanted to say it out loud. I can see his eyes darkening before he sighs.
“What was she thinking? What are we supposed to do with them? Most of them are kids who just left school.”
I agree with him, all the residents are really young. Too young maybe. “But she chose them, and I believe in her. Also we need to meet them in person before judging. Who knows? They might surprise us.”

Zen doesn’t answer. He sighs again before lifting Lilith a bit higher, so her head rest on his shoulder. She snuggle up to him, still deep asleep.

“Let’s go.”



The RP begins with the residents waking up in their respective rooms.




I wake up and look around curious where this is. She had never been in this place yet it made herself feel uncomfortable. She looked at the things around her. She was sitting in a bed, and here was a desk, and a few other things. Ashley felt trapped inside this room. I hate this place. Wonder what would be outside. She looked around once more and found a door. Good. She slowly stood up, and went for the door.


Orp: Everybody, you can play, you know. Don’t be shy. Once at least four people are awake, I will announce the next event :grin:


Brooke Belmont

It is the ceiling that she notices first as she wakes up. It’s a harsh white that does a horrid job at keeping the sunlight from reflecting into her eyes, and it causes her to wince.

Brooke Belmont reached across to the nightstand from her bed. She’d instinctively reached a hand to the table beside her, searching for the paper sheets she’d threaded together as a makeshift notepad after her own softback books of lined paper had become wasted away with physics equations and a whole load of crap that came to mind to her throughout her day. If she’d found the makeshift notepad at her nightstand, maybe she’d have a whole lot more crap to write out, but she didn’t, and that caused her to sigh out and pass an eye-roll.

“Lilith, you little—” Groggily she had arose, rubbing her eyes with the words ringing out loud enough to be heard from outside her room, only to have stopped midway through sentence as the woman observed the room around her. A heartbeat of a second later, Brooke Belmont realised one thing: this was not her room.

Everything from the bare walls to the furniture that felt so out of place, and everything felt wrong. For a moment she considered that she must have been in hospital, though there was nothing to suggest it. Hospitals have that familiar aroma of disinfectant and cleanliness, yet somehow this felt different to the twenty-two year old female who’d awoken inside a room that felt nothing like the room she’d been in when she was eight and had fallen climbing rocks by the creeks that she used to go out to explore at her aunt’s.

Tracing her hand against the crinkled sheets of the bed, the material felt cheap and unlike those that she had back home. Dread gripped at her throat, but Brooke was willing to believe there was good reason for her presence there: an explanation. She clung to the idea that perhaps she was in one of the visitor rooms, but maybe that idea was all the worse. Had something happened to someone she knew — had something happened to her dearest sister?

She was speculating, she knew. For all the good it did at making her relax, though, she couldn’t help feeling wary that, somehow, this was nothing like anything she’d theorised so far. Briskly standing, the desk was the first thing she’d made her way over to, opening the drawers as though she’d expected to find something, maybe even her journal or her phone, for one.


Mikita “Mike” Plaskin
Mike awoke in a cold sweat after yet another one of his nightmares. He had a feeling of longing, wanting to return to the dream to see if it would turn out differently this time. But another part of him wished he’d never have to experience it again.
Adjusting his eyes to the artificial light, he looked around to see an unfamiliar room. Where on Earth am I?, he thought. Leaping out of bed, he grabbed his shirt that was draped over the headboard, and ran to door, yanking it open.

Joseph “Joey” Moore
Joey was awake, yet his eyes remained closed. His hands patted the bed for his glasses. There was never any point in him opening his eyes in the morning without his glasses, as he couldn’t see much without them. His surroundings felt peculiar; the bed was firmer, the sheets and blankets were lighter, and he couldn’t feel his bedside table. Now his search became more frantic, until he almost knocked them off the corner of the bed. Clutching them, he put them on his nose and sat up, looking around. His eyes widened and his mouth hung open. This wasn’t his room. Getting out of bed, he realised he was still in yesterday’s clothes, with shoes on and everything. Going to the door, he cautiously opened it and peered out.

(Both are approachable)




This is a message adressed to the residents.
Your presence is now requested in the cafeteria. To find the meeting place, please follow the arrows.

I repeat.

This is a message adressed to the residents.
Your presence is now requested in the cafeteria. To find the meeting place, please follow the arrows.


I peered our the door and saw a lots of doors. Well at least this is not jail Then I tilted my head right and saw a boy peering out. Surprised, and kind of horrified I tried to go back to my room. But unfortunately the boy made eye contact with me. Oh god I felt like a mouse in a cheese trap.
“Uh hi?” I made a high quiet sound kind of shaking. Then I realized he could not hear me. I figured out I was to small perhaps. I cleared my voice and calmed myself down. Then I heard a announcement. Cafeteria? I looked left and saw a row of green arrows
“Sorry I was to quiet, Hi. Perhaps we should follow those arrows?”

ORP: Having a conversation with Joseph


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Joseph “Joey” Moore
Joey looked round the door in the corridor, seeing many other numbered doors, then he made eye contact with a girl. She looked as frightened as he was. Was she trying to talk to him?, he thought. He looked at her lips, but she was too far for him to attempt to read them. He should try to play it safe, so he waved at her and gave a shy smile.

@monalla - This will be fun for Joey not being able to hear announcements. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Vanessa Beckett
The first thing Vanessa noticed as she slowly woke up, blinking groggily and squinting at the too harsh light of the room, was how heavy her eyelids felt. Everything inside her felt weighted, as if gravity itself was trying to pull her down. She blinked several more times, first registering that everything around her was…white. The ceiling was high and white, the walls were white plaster, the floor was bare concrete, and the bed under her felt hard and stiff.

Wait. Where was she?

She abruptly sat up and then immediately regretted the action, wincing with a hiss at the sudden ache in her spine. Wherever she was, she’d been lying here for a long time. Slowly, carefully, Vanessa swung her legs over the side of the bed and unsteadily got to her feet. She glanced around. The room she was in was completely bare and empty, save for the bed and one small table with a chair in the corner. Everything about it was perfectly polished and clean.

The last thing she remembered was crashing onto her still unmade bed at four in the morning, exhausted from running some errands and from getting several mind-numbing essays done. She’d picked up Monica and Brennan from their respective schools and dropped them off, and she’d called them again to check in on them. How had she ended up here?

It wasn’t long before a voice came down from seemingly out of nowhere out of the speakers, making her nearly jump out of her skin. The cafeteria? How on earth was she supposed to know where that was? Hesitantly, Vanessa pushed open the door and took a look out into the hallway. There were arrows, alright…but did they lead to just the cafeteria?

Xavier Hong

It was cold. That was the first thing Xavier felt when he cracked his eyes open, squinting at the brightness of the weird fluorescent lighting. He squinted, automatically compelled to shield his eyes with a hand. But that seemed like too much effort in his current state, too tired to care about anything other than…maybe going back to sleep? Yeah, that’d be great. He’d just sleep in for a few more minutes. Just a few more minutes. Mom would yell at him if she came in to see him still asleep, well after his alarm having gone off, but what harm could a few minutes do? Two…or maybe five. Or ten. Or twenty–

That was when he heard the voice booming from the speakers and he nearly fell off of the bed entirely. Instead he gave a jerk and rolled, barely catching himself from going to the floor. With a groan, he pulled himself up on one elbow and blinked hard before looking around. As his vision focused, the first thing he noticed was how…empty everything was. Clean. Bare. Nothing like his…room?

His room. He hadn’t even gone to sleep in his room, he’d crashed onto the sofa in the living room after staying out late. No one had noticed him sneaking back in. But either way, there was none of the clutter he knew, not even a rumpled shirt or a forgotten sock. It was all white, and all bare, and all…where was he?

Xavier sat up and, with some effort, stood up. He tried to focus on the voice he’d heard again. Going to the cafeteria. Right. He could do that. He could freak out about what was happening later, when his brain had fully woken up. He awkwardly stumbled towards the door, yanked it open, and stuck his head out into the hall. There were green arrows on the floor. Okay…that was a start. And other people seemed to be out and about, too.

“Uh…” Right now, with his brain still half-asleep, he wasn’t sure of what exactly to say to get anyone’s attention. Or who to talk to right now, for that matter. “Hey?” he ventured, to no one in particular.


Brooke Belmont

The sound of audio from the speakers caught her attention, in particular the word residents and cafeteria. It sounded to her like this was some sort of summer residential camp — and Brooke Belmont had not the slightest idea as to how she’d ended up here. On the other hand, the fact that this building even had a cafeteria and that she was apparently a resident of some sort made gave her all the more reason to suspect she was in a hospital. She almost choked at the thought of it being a prison, as she turned to see a passing figure by her door.

Arrows, though? What was this, some sort of apocalyptic movie where everyone was stuck in a bunker underground— wasn’t that the plot of Divergent? God, she hated that movie, and the only reason she’d watch any of that mainstream teenage crap at least seven times in the first place was because of her younger sister who could be worse than Brooke herself when she came to being persistent. Either way, she couldn’t care less, and by the second time that she’d watched it, the events on-screen would pass by her mind without so much as a blink of the eye.

By this point, Brooke had realised she had better see what everything was about, and Brooke being Brooke, she looked around for any sign of a weapon she could find. Hey, she was an abstract thinker, and the possibility of an apocalypse wasn’t entirely out of the question, so she did the first best thing she could think of and she gave the room a once over, her eyes landing on the table legs of the desk. It made her chuckle: no chance was she snapping it off so easily, and the thought continued with her out of the room as she kept her snorts of laughter from erupting out into the corridor.

In the corridor, Brooke had observed the doors lined up one after the other, like the hallways of her apartment that she lived in for the latter part of her college studies. The familiar image of it had helped ease some of her earlier anxieties, and just as easily she forgot for a moment that she was the star protagonist in her own movie adaptation of The Maze Runner — again one of those crappy movies she’d watched with her sister.

Brooke approached one of the doors and peered in through the small glass window wondering if she’d see anyone else on the other side. “Yoohoo,” she called, drumming her knuckles against the surface of the glass, though it was only when she’d heard an isolated “Hey?” from behind her that she’d stepped back and turned her head with a stoic expression, and the first thing she said, in a lowered voice, was: “Welcome… to the real world.”

@eschatonmoon (Xavier Hong)


Mikita “Mike” Plaskin
Hearing the speaker telling everyone to go to the cafeteria, he had two questions, Where are these other people they’re talking about? Two, where the fuck is the cafeteria? Mike looked at ground and saw the arrows. Shrugging, he thought, hmm … stay in this empty, bland room, or follow the arrows to get answers and risk possible death? Yeah, possible death is more thrilling. He nodded to himself and followed the arrows down the corridor. Soon he spotted to people and walked up to them. “Hey, where the fuck am I?”, he asked.



Xavier Hong
He hadn’t actually been expecting a response, but somehow he got one. From a girl who’d been trying to look in through one of the doors, no less. A really pretty girl, but he couldn’t get distracted right now. Dammit, focus!

Said response from said girl sure wasn’t weird at all, nope. Xavier grinned awkwardly, as was his normal impulse to almost everything he wasn’t sure how to deal with. That was working to clear up his grogginess, at least. He could do this. “Well, nice to meet you too,” he replied. “Uh…”

He glanced around. “Freaky place, right? Y’know, whoever put the arrows here really went the extra mile. But I mean, if they didn’t want us to get lost on the way to the cafeteria, they could’ve just given us maps, right?”

…And now he was babbling again, as he tended to do when he was nervous. He really had to shut his big mouth sometimes. Xavier coughed and awkwardly rubbed his hand on the side of his gray T-shirt. At least he still had that on him.

Wait. He still hadn’t said his name. “I’m Xavier, by the way. Xavier Hong,” he blurted. “So, what’s your name?”

And of course, right when he’d said that, someone else had to come up to join the party. Some guy with a very eloquent way of introducing himself. Xavier blinked. “You tell me,” he answered the guy in a too cheery tone of voice.

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Vanessa Beckett
People were out and about in the hall, and Vanessa wasn’t sure to either be relieved that she wasn’t completely on her own or nervous that she was alone with total strangers. Either way, she’d never exactly been the biggest social butterfly around. She stepped cautiously out into the hall, taking steps as if a monster would burst up through the floor at any second.

She stared down at the arrows. Wherever they were leading, they seemed to be going solely in a straight route down the hall. She glanced around, noticing another girl looking at the arrows. The girl seemed to be talking to another guy, but he didn’t seem to be responding. Hm.

Vanessa approached the two, mentally rehearsing what to say as she usually did and willing herself to breathe naturally. She wasn’t going to freak out, she had to remind herself of that. “Hey,” she said, managing a small smile and hoping she looked friendly. “Um, are you two following the arrows?”

She paused, also mentally kicking herself for not actually introducing herself. “My name’s Vanessa,” she added.



I wake up with a start. Where am I? I jump to my feet and look around. I see some other people just waking up, their face written with confusion just like mine. Are we kidnapped?. My heart starts to race, but I swallow and force myself to be calm and think straight.

Suddenly I hear an announcement. I whip my head around, but…where did that come from? I take a deep breath, the cafeteria must be where the arrows are pointing right? I have to force my legs to move, every nerve in my body is screaming don’t move!!

ORP : Approachable