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Brooke Belmont

Knowing herself, Brooke knew she had a tendency to say exactly what was on her mind, and possibly at the wrong time too. Honestly, though, she felt as though the guy needed to be told as it was: if he didn’t like what he was hearing, then there was nothing else that could be done to change the truth of it all. Shrugging her shoulders, Brooke repeated what she’d said nonchalantly, “I said why don’t you leave the adults in the room to talk this over,” and then she stopped to reconsider. “Did you want me to repeat what I said before that, too?” She hadn’t exactly meant for it to come out with the sarcastic undertone that it had, considering it had been intended as a genuine question.

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Night is coming. The lights will be out in 30 minutes. All the residents are requested to return to their rooms. Thank you.

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Jade Hatora
She opened her mouth, but sharp voice of announcument was in the air. “Well,” she sighed. “Guess we better go. Nice meeting you.”
She waved at her, hoping she won’t notice how nervous and tense she became that one moment.
It was the escape attempt is coming soon. She took off her shoes and layed in bed. She pulled sheets up to her shoulders, so she looked like a well maintained dead body. Her eyes were wide open and her iris was running as she was thinking. Wait, what if the night has already pass? What if Quinn waited for her knock and it never was there? She pushed away that thought and closed her eyes for a second. She decided to wait for the following day. The plan will be happening then.

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After the announcement we had to walk back towards our rooms. “See you Jade.” I walked into my room and looked around for a while before I decided to check the facility out during the night. Even though we are supposed to be in our rooms at night, I figured that I might be able to learn something new at night. I went out to search even though I was mostly in the dark.

ORP: Approachable


I hear the announcement and sigh, feeling exhausted and hopeless. I haven’t really found anything, just halls that come to a dead end. I was also hoping to find one of the guardians, I have a request for them but haven’t really seen them much, only in the cafeteria. I walk back and rub my eyes tired and a bit bored.

ORP : Approachable


ORP: is anybody Approachable?


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As the little girl attempted to communicate with J, Ky noticed how much he was trembling. Shit.. She thought. This is getting intense. Also, this little girl is really freaky.


Quinn Valentine || interacting with Brooke and Mikita

He rolled his eyes at both of them. Opening his mouth, he was about to say something before the voice on the intercom told them it would be night soon. He closed his mouth and bit his lip. Already? Will it be bright enough? “Looks like we can’t do the plan today. Tomorrow we can talk more and tell Jade about what we discussed.” He stood up from the table and disposed of his tray. He walked to his room and went inside. I hope I have enough fairy lights.

@Kale I think she was supposed to knock on his door after following a guardian. Sorry for the late response. :persevere:


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ORP : Could someone approach my character???


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I snuck out of my room hoping to not be caught going outside. I opened the door slow-ly to not get myself a nice loud creak. And slowly closed the door. I tiptoed swiftly and went low. I crawled as fast as I can, and as low as I can across the hall. When I was about going halfway, I bumped into someone’s foot.



I whipped my head around when I felt someone bump into my foot. Fu- oh I realized it was a girl who’s face was as guilty looking as mine. Except she seemed to be heading away from her room while I was walking back to my room. Cell, really. She was on the ground so I knelt down to her and whispered “What are you doing?”



Afraid, I look up and see a boy. I nervously laugh.
“Ha… uh… I’m just … uh…”
What do I say?
I blurted put something that does not make sense at all-which sounded stupid. I gulped, and reached out into my pocket
“You like chocolate?” Yup, I remembered I had some left.



Uhh… I almost laughed at the random question. “Who doesn’t like chocolate.” I said with a confused face and a hint of a smile.

But then, a thought occured to me and my face fell. “Wait…are you crazy?” I said, whispering again. I wondered if this place has already gotten to her…it would make sense.