Dead-End Facility ~ Official RP


Dead-End Facility

Your characters are waking up in an unknown place without knowing how they got there; they remember their pasts but not abductions. They’re in a strange facility with no way in or out (no windows either). They only have each other, along with everything they need to survive (a room each, bathrooms, a cafeteria, etc), but no electronic devices. They are unable to reach the outside and/or call for help. As they try to find a way out, strange events begin to occur. There are Guardians that are the regulators of the facility. They will supervise, and the Guardians (played by me) know more about what’s happened than they let on.
Your Goal: To find out why are you here and how you can escape. Find out who those people are who call themselves “the Guardians” and what do they want from you?

Please read ALL the information below before RPing!

RP Rules

Thank you again, @monalla, for allowing me to recreate your brilliant idea! :wink:

This will, again, be an RP with some SG elements. There will be certain events that will arise, that I’ll throw them in here and there (like characters getting sick but you choose how it affects them, punishments for breaking rules, or ). Also, there will be powers for each character in this RP, but they won’t have them at the beginning.

As for the rules below, I’m going to be strict and implement a “three strikes and you’re out” system. You will get two to three warnings (depending on how nice I feel), then you and/or character(s) will be removed from the RP if you continue. They may just be put up for adoption.

Rules -

  1. Standard roleplaying rules apply!
  2. Be active and able to reply at least once a day. You don’t have to be overly active, waiting for people is all gravy since we live all over the world! But once a day is all I ask.
    So please inform me if you’ll be busy at all?!
  3. To counter number 2, please don’t be TOO active. No back-to-backs (when two people continue to reply to each other over a few hours)! I dislike them because the posts lose quality and don’t really enhance the story much!
  4. Write in the third person, please try not to have the character be you and write in the first person. If you write in the first person then it makes weird and harder to have bad stuff happen to your character, because it feels like we’re doing it to you.
  5. Write in the past tense, please, that way the story is logical and easy to follow.
  6. Keep posts to a reasonable length. A long one is fine, just not every time, else people will tire and not read them all. Too short and you’re not giving the other writer much to work with. Try to write at least four lines, not sentences (that’s about 9-10 lines on a mobile device).
  7. In saying that, please try to post all your characters’ initial post, as well as their follow-up replies, into just one post at a time. This keeps the thread tidy and it’s kind to your fellow RPers. If someone has to go and is away for 12 hours, then there is nothing more daunting than returning to see 20-100 new posts. If you can condense 2-4 character posts in one, it’ll be so much easier.
  8. The characters are strangers, they do not know each other.
  9. Feel free to ask me AND questions in chat!
  10. Please write your character’s location next to their name in every post. It just makes it easier for me (and everyone) to keep track of them. For example:

Name of character || location/room

Rules in the Facility

There are rules in the facility.

  • There is a curfew in the RP. After curfew, your characters are supposed to stay in their rooms until morning.
  • There are rooms in the facility your characters aren’t allowed in.
  • You are not to go against the Guardians.

You can choose to follow or break those rules.
If you break them, you are risking getting caught by the Guardians. It doesn’t mean that you will automatically get caught. You can break rules and get away with it but you can also get caught in the act.
If this happens, you will get knocked out or sent to the “Dark Room”. If you get knocked out, your character won’t be able to move for a day (your character can talk but can’t move without assistance). If you are sent to the “Dark Room”, you will confront a Guardian (The Dark Room will happen in the PMs). You can only interact with the Guardian. Your character can’t interact with the other players on the RP thread until they get out of the room.
If you end up in the “Dark Room”, you can try to obtain more information about the facility and what’s happening in here like this. The Guardian may answer you. You can also try to befriend them, make them trust you. FYI: interacting with a Guardian in the Dark Room will be harder than if you talked to them elsewhere (because it’s still a punishment).
If Guardians take a liking to you, they can give you clues about what’s happening in the facility or about next events. If a Guardian gives you a clue, you should analyse it and try to understand what they meant. It will make things easier for you.

The Guardians are the regulators of the facility. The Guardians are always approachable (unless in a “Dark Room”). You can try to talk with them or form a relationship (even attack them). They may react to your actions… or not. Being close to a Guardian may be a benefit to you… or not.

Inside the Facility

No windows (or doors outside the Facility) can be seen anywhere!

The rooms:

  • Cafeteria with an industrial kitchen.
  • Individuals rooms: from 104 to 132, they are residents rooms. Residents aren’t allowed in the Guardians rooms.
  • Communal showers and shared bathrooms.
  • Infirmary: residents aren’t allowed there without permission.
  • Storage room: It’s a warehouse where the residents can find anything they want; except electronic devices (like TVs, computers, phones…), weapons and medicine.
  • Library.
  • Common room. (Relaxing room for everyone. Ask me in chat if you want something specific in here.
Assigned Rooms

The residents’ rooms all have a single bed, a bedside table, and wardrobe. That is all.

Room 101 - Joseph (Guardian)
Room 102 - Amelia (Guardian)
Room 103 - Mikita (Guardian)
Room 104 - Leopold Yuli
Room 105 - Claire Marie Tanner
Room 106 - Luna White
Room 107 - Nathaniel Thompson
Room 108 - Frankie Lewis
Room 109 - Lucie Dupont
Room 110 - Faith Allie Marshall
Room 111 - Keaton Corbett
Room 112 - Crew Porter
Room 113 - Zara Cohen
Room 114 - Samaria Katō
Room 115 - Atlas Nakamura
Room 116 - Liam Clark
Room 117 - Kara Hansen
Room 118 - Corinne Francis
Room 119 - Calix Greywood
Room 120 - Tyra Jackson
Room 121 - Duri Park
Room 122 - Xavier Croshaw
Room 123 - Roger Luck Carcom
Room 124 - Cole Dunlop
Room 125 - Alexis James
Room 126 - Rebekah Sawyer
Room 127 - Echo
Room 128 - Griffin Walker
Room 129 - Cleo Hill
Room 130 - Elaine Vargas
Room 131 - Alison Conway
Room 132 - Justin Dixon
Room 133 - Folami Yoruba

Map of the Facility

The RP begins...

The RP begins with the residents waking up in their respective rooms, and may begin interacting with the others. Another announcement will be made after most are awake.

General chat should be had on the sign-up thread. Do not post a non-character post here, please, I want to keep this thread tidy.


List of Powers

People with characters…

@AnimeOtome, @Caticorn, @EchoRavencroft, @fal.renet1398, @FallenAngelNight13, @jdepisode, @Kale, @LittleElf, @Littlefeets, @Miumi.hp, @plutorulz, @puma, @riahh30, @ScarletSwanHunter, @Tellyg47, @Wingsoffire


Dead-End Facility ~ RP ~ Sign-ups and Chat
Dead-End Facility ~ RP ~ Sign-ups and Chat

Faith Marshall || Room 110
She woke up from the sweet dreams that were not unexpected. Slowly, she turned to the side, ready to step into soft, bunny-shaped slippers. But instead of that, her feet hit hard, cold floor which leaves her startled. She opened her face, not facing a magnolia tree though the window, but a blank white wall. What the… She didn’t know what to do. She immediately stood up, turning around. No pastel closest, no cute photos, no flower-decorated desk. Where was she?
She sat back on the bad, burying her face into her hands. After a few minutes, she stood up and approached the door. Her hand was heavy pushing down the door handle. And even harder opening the door.


Zara Cohen || Room 113
She woke up, but this time not to the alarm clock. Her eyes didn’t feel groggy, and her body wasn’t sore. She decided to nap a bit, until the alarm will start to ring. When it didn’t, she realized there was something wrong. She threw the blanket off her body, straight onto the floor. She did this every day, then complained about having to pick it up. But this time the problem wasn’t in the blanket. It was in everything around her. She lifted her body into a sitting position. Confused, she just sat there for a while. What was she supposed to do anyway? Did she maybe drink too much and ended up here? She had no idea. Then, she faced what the situation and almost ran towards the door, opening it in a swing of a hand.




Keaton Corbett || Room 111
Keaton rolled over, stretching out his arm to wrap around Michael. Except he wasn’t there and the bed was MUCH smaller than it should have been. So small, in fact, that his arm dropped off the bed, causing him to lose balance and fall to the floor. Ouch! He thought as he picked himself off the cold, hard floor. It was freezing on his feet as he stood up, rubbing his elbow and looking around.
“Michael?”, he called warily. “Mikey, where are you? Caroline, William, are you there? Where’s your dad?”


Samaria Katō || Room 114
Samaria stretched as she lay on her back with her eyes starting to flicker open. Her feet, which were still inside her ankle boots, hung off the end of her bed. That wasn’t right, her bed had been specially made for her, for her size. She hadn’t grown overnight, had she? No! That’s not possible, she thought, sitting bolt upright. Where am I? This is not my place. What is happening here? Carefully getting out of bed, she crept to the door and slowly opened it to peer out.




Cole Dunlop || Room 124

He woke to his head against a very hard mattress. He growled, turning to try and get more comfortable but instead he ended up falling onto a cold metal ground. With a oof, his cheek and chest contacted with the floor and he was sure his chest broke. Finally opening up his eyes he looked around to find that he was in a windowless room. Adrenaline kicked in and he quickly stumbled out of the wed, looking around at the room that was clearly not his own. What the hell. What the hell. What the hell. What the hell-- Door! Quickly he opened the door only to go out into a hallway. He took in a deep breath, his face showing no sign of panic as he eyes search every corner, making sure he didn’t miss anything. Where am I? He saw some others exit there doors.

Alison Conway || 131

When her alarm didn’t go off to wake her, Alison assumed that she had once again gotten up before the alarm. It wasn’t something new. However, when her eyes opened and she saw a room clearly not her own, she jumped out of the bed and looked around. “What the name of…” She pressed a hand against the wall, feeling hold come it was and gave a knock. There was another room right next to hers, two it would seem. Calming down her heart beat she opened up the wardrobe to see what she can find, and all she did was clothes. She knew panic won’t get her anywhere so she walked out of the room, going to the very end of her hall between room 127 and 126 and start knocking, trying to see how thick the wall was.

@jdepisode - If Echo in 127 wants to hear
@Littlefeets - If rebeka wants to hear in 126

ORP: Both are approachable!



Zara Cohen || Room hallways
She heard door opening, and quickly turned to her left to see a head with curly dark hair peering or of the room. Her instinct told her to approach her, so she did. The girl looked just as confused as her, so there was no logic in asking “Do you know where we are?”, but there is no logic in Zara Cohen. She took a step back, making space for the girl to step out. In nervousness, she started poking her toes on the floor, but as soon as she realized it, she stopped. She wanted to make a good impression, after all. And showing nervousness doesn’t combine well with that.

@CrazyCaliope - Samaria Kato

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Roger Carcom ~ Room 123
Waking up after trying to get a couple of more secounds of sleep, he realized something was different than what he was use to. Getting up from the bed his took in his surroundings, four ways incase him in a box the only movable item was the bed, there was no windows but a single door. The walls was regular no color or anything out of the ordinary, it reminded him of a military room.
What’s my name? Rouge… No maybe Rock. Wait it’s Roger how did I get in here, who am I? Maybe I’m dreaming. He thought pinching his face but nothing change. He thought he felt some type of emotion but it quickly disappeared. He open the door.
“Hello anyone there?” He question peaking his face out the door.

Cleo Hill ~ 129
“Cleo, honey it’s time to wake up.”
“Wait mom!” Cleo screamed waking up. She was gone and he wasn’t where he was supposed to be. This ain’t his room, this ain’t his bed. No, he isn’t drunk his completely sober so how come he’s here. What happened to him, is this military camp has his past finally caught up to him.
“No!” He bang his fists again the wall, leaving a very small dent he got up. Small drops of blood hit the floor.
He walk to the door grabbing it with his bloody hand he shove it open. Walking toward the first person he saw (124 Cole) his grab the guy neck and pushed him against the wall.
“Where the fuck am I? Why you bring me here?”
@ScarletSwanHunter (Cole)



Cole Dunlop

His eyes widened as some guy he had never seen before in his life pushed him against the wall. Kinky~ Oh shut it! He shook his head, hands up in defense. “I didn’t do anything.” He signed, not sure if this boy will understand him at all, “I had nothing to do with this. Let me go!” He looked around before pointing to himself. Me then shaking his head. Don’t know he poked the boy’s chest. You.




Cleo ~ Hallway
“What are you saying? Speak English!” Not letting go of this guy but sightly loosening his grip. “Don’t act dump with me I know you can speak so start talking!” Cleo was getting angrier by the second he didn’t like not knowing what was going on around him.



Dead-End Facility ~ RP ~ Sign-ups and Chat

Cole Dunlop || Hallway

He was thankful when the boy loosened his grip on his neck. He really didn’t want to die in a place like this, where this was exactly. Holy Jesus, we have another idiot! Cole is used to please not realizing he can’t actually speak and yelling at him to do so. Now his fear left his face and he stared blankly at the boy shaking his head. “I can’t speak.” He signed.




Samaria Katō || Room 114/corridor
As Samaria poked her head out of the door, she was spotted. She was almost about to disappear back into her room when the tough-looking girl asked, “Do you know where we are?” Then she walked over and stood in front of her. Samaria panicked. Disappearing back into the room, she pressed her back against the door, shutting it. “Deep breathe,” he told herself, following her orders. “You need to find out what’s happening. Be brave.” After a few moments, she turned round and opened the door again, stepping out into the corridor. Putting on a shy but fake smile, Samaria still spoke rather quietly, shaking her head, “No, no I don’t. I haven’t any idea.”

@kale - Zara Cohen

ORP: Hold down the ‘o’ key and option should come up, or if that doesn’t work then paste and copy!



Zara Cohen || Room hallway
When the girl quickly went back into the room, she was surprised. “Um…” she began, but realized it wasn’t worth it. Doors around them started opening too, so she could try her chances elsewhere. But then the door opened again, and the girl replied. The response was not surprising. It was very, very expected. I guess she’s more of a shy type, she thought, not that it made difference in her behavior. “Well, me neither, as you can guess,” she shrugged. “My name’s Zara, yours?”

@CrazyCaliope - Samaria Katô

This is the closest option, does this count as the same? Sorry for over-complicating everything!



Tyra Jackson || Room 120
Tyra rolled over in her bed, she wasn’t sleeping comfortably and the chilly air around her made her pull the duvet closer around her lean body. After trying to fall asleep again for a solid ten minutes she realized that there was no point in trying. As Tyra sat up in bed she instantly felt the empty cage around her. No windows, no furniture besides the simple bed she was sitting on. Oh boy, this must be the weirdest lucid dream I’ve ever had. Tyra thought after sitting and processing her thoughts for a few minutes. She then stood up and headed for the door. If this is what my brain does nowadays, I might aswell take advantage of it and explore. When Tyra stepped out in the long corridor she saw an Asian guy peek out of his room. Tyra was puzzled and thought for a while before shrugging. “Oh. So this isn’t a dream, right?”

@Tellyg47 - Roger Carcom



Echo: || Room 127, Approachable

The fact that the room was unfamiliar wasn’t what had made Echo uneasy or angry; it was the fact that he was carelessly thrown to the floor when there was a bed the prison guards could have placed him in.
He groaned as he rubbed his head, stumbling slightly as he stood up and balanced himself against the walls. As hiseyes adjusted to the dim lighting he noticed it only partially resembled a prison cell. Except there was no toilet. “Come on assholes, you want me to sleep in my own piss?”
He ran a hand through his hair before peeling himself away from the wall and banging on the door.
“One finger! I sliced just one finger and you’re punishing me?! Honestly…” he growled, thinking this was all because of his fight with the big guy who thought he owned the prison on a silver platter. Though as Echo grabbed the door handle he was surprised to find it twist, clicking the door open. His brows furrowed in confusion and he looked around for any hidden cameras, running his tongue over his teeth as he questioned if this was some test.
A knock greeted him instead and he rose a brow as he stepped back but didn’t let go of the handle in case it would mockingly lock up of he let go.
He finally opened the door and poked his head out. Before his eyes caught the young-looking girl knocking on another door. His confusion only grew which only increased the anger and concern he’d been feeling before.
“The hell kind of messed up game is this?” He hissed as he stepped out and approached her, clearly believing she was the mastermind behind it.

Kara Hansen || Room 117

Kara awoke in cold sweat, shivering uncontrollably in a fetal position on a random bed. She groaned as she forced herself to sit up, suddenly feeling like retching as she took in a deep breath. She cursed under her breath. If this is some kinky bastard’s playroom, he better be ready to deal with me not getting a full amount of good sleep she thought. The situation happened more than she liked. A guy offering her a drink, sometimes drugged up, and then Bam. A new unfamiliar place. Yet this one…was especially strange. “Well if you’re going to keep me in this mundane and toiletless room you should at least serve me breakfast in bed!” She yelled out, raking her fingers through messy hair she’d barely brushed the other night when she went out to the bar. That’s all she remembered though…she slid herself off the bed and opened the door, taking slow footsteps as her eyes examined a long line of rooms and even more at the end of the corner.
ORP: APPROACHABLE I’ll end up approaching if no one does, just waiting for a bit more intro posts



Elaine Vargas ~~ Room 130

Elaine slowly awoke, slow from sleep. Eyes half open, her brows furrowed when she saw her breakfast wasn’t near her bed, ready. I swear if that old hag fell asleep on the job again… As she started to come to her senses, Elaine realized… this isn’t my house. Where were the fluffed up, lace lined pillows that surrounded her head? Or her one of a kind jewelry box imported from France? There were no silky smooth curtains framing her windows. Hell there weren’t any windows at all. Now wide awake she jumped to her feet, slightly wincing at the cold bare floor. “Hello?” Elaine would never admit it but she was frightened, what if she was kidnapped to be used as leverage against her parents? Not that it would be of any use, her mother wouldn’t even trade one of her numerous diamond rings for her. Elaine quickly re-tied her silver robe and slowly started to peer out of the door she had eased open. If this is a sick prank from that red-headed boy next door they’re going to regret it…

ORP: Approachable -preferably someone near her room (as she’s barely out of her door) but if not no worries!



Corrine Francis ~halls

Waking up with a yawn, Corinne sat up, examining where she was. Her surroundings were so unfamiliar that it confused her. A worried expression appeared on her face before she got up and walked to the nearest wall, brushing her fingers against it. The walls seemed thin and the room was bleak. She absolutely hated it. Rubbing her head as if it would help her remember something that had happened, she blinked multiple times before pinching herself.
Sighing, she laughed silently to herself. “Well, Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.” She smirked, walking towards the door before pulling it open and wondering down the hall. She didn’t have any clue where she was going but she knew she would know when she got there.
Stopping to see a girl with what looked like red hair, she examined her. “So, what is this place?”


Justin Dixon ~halls

Rubbing his eyes and stretching, he yawned as he looked around. His eyes frantically moving from the walls to the table to the bed underneath him, he rolled his eyes, wondering what he had gotten himself into now. Pushing himself off of the bed, he reluctantly left the room, wandering down the halls with something close to a tip-toe, hoping that he would find someone who would be able to explain exactly where he was.




Alison || Hallway

She turned her head, seeing the guy behind her. Without hesitation she grab onto him by the shirt collar and pushing his against the wall she was just hitting, “Who are you? What’s all of this? Where are we? Why am I here?” She hissed tightening her hold. “You better answer my questions pretty boy or I will be sure to find a way to break a nose.” She eyed him.




Roger ~ outside of door 123
Turning around to see who had spoke, his whole body completely froze. It was a girl, why did the first person he had to meet was a girl. Wait what’s going on with me? A girl got me freaking out? He thought, looking her down she didn’t seem to be a threat.
“Ummm. I guess not?” He let out a shy chuckle. “I’m Roger if you were wondering.” This wasn’t him so why was he acting this way. Calm down don’t show weakness. “So did you just wake up to?”
@puma (Tyra)



Samaria Katō || Corridor
She’s being friendly, she’s just being friendly, Samaria thought. She isn’t going to be horrid. She’s not like that, I’m sure… Am I really sure about that? … Yes, she has to be. Not everyone is a bad person. … Aren’t they? I don’t really believe that, do I? … Yes, yes, I must. I just have to believe she’s nice. She looked at the girl named Zara. “Hello, Zara… I’m Samaria.” She paused to take another deep breath, she suddenly realised that she was without her inhaler, as she patted her pockets down. “I guess you don’t know where we are either?”

@kale - Zara Cohen

ORP: Well, it’s sorta gives a different sound. Just go without. :wink:



Faith Marshall || Room hallway
Some time after examining the halls, a girl passed by. Her question was, of course, understandable. “Hey, I wish I knew,” she sighed. She looked at the girl. She looked very kind, her kind of type. “I’m Faith, what’s your name?” she asked. She started making a braid, like she always did when introducing herself. She was used to it, although she didn’t know why. She also never questioned it before - but you start questioning yourself in this kind of situations, don’t you?

@riahh30 - Corinne Francis



Tyra Jackson || Halls near room 124
The guy looked startled and a bit intimidated at first, but he quickly adjusted and let out a cute laughter. Tyra thought for a while, trying to remember what he asked her when she was caught up making judgements about him in his head. She then came to the conclusion that it probably weren’t that important anyways. “I find this situation really strange…” she started, sighing in between her slow words. “Maybe my head is not doing well, I originally wasn’t going to get my brain transplant but I must’ve changed my mind!” Tyra laughed at her own joke but then went silent again. “Do you want to have a look around this place, see if we can figure it out?” She shrugged, staring on the floor a bit aloofly.