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Dead-End Facility

Your characters are waking up in an unknown place without knowing how they got there; they remember their pasts but not abductions. They’re in a strange facility with no way in or out (no windows either). They only have each other, along with everything they need to survive (a room each, bathrooms, a cafeteria, etc), but no electronic devices. They are unable to reach the outside and/or call for help. As they try to find a way out, strange events begin to occur. There are Guardians that are the regulators of the facility. They will supervise, and the Guardians (played by me) know more about what’s happened than they let on.
Your Goal: To find out why are you here and how you can escape. Find out who those people are who call themselves “the Guardians” and what do they want from you?

Please read ALL the information below before signing up!

The RP:
RP Rules

Thank you again, @monalla, for allowing me to recreate your brilliant idea! :wink:
This will, again, be an RP with some SG elements. There will be certain events that will arise, that I’ll throw them in here and there (like characters getting sick but you choose how it affects them, or punishments for breaking rules). Also, there will be powers for each character in this RP, but they won’t have them at the beginning.
Rules -

  1. Standard roleplaying rules apply!
  2. Be active and able to reply at least once a day. You don’t have to be overly active, waiting for people is all gravy since we live all over the world! But once a day is all I ask.
  3. Write in the third person, please try not to have the character be you and write in the first person. If you write in the first person then it makes weird and harder to have bad stuff happen to your character, because it feels like we’re doing it to you.
  4. Write in the past tense, that way the story is logical and easy to follow.
  5. Keep posts to a reasonable length. A long one is fine, just not every time, else people will tire and not read them all. Too short and you’re not giving the other writer much to work with. Try to write at least four lines, not sentences (that’s about 9-10 lines on a mobile device).
  6. This also goes for character creation. Be descriptive but also concise. You don’t need to give their life story, you can summarise.
Rules in the Facility

There are rules in the facility.

  • There is a curfew in the RP. After curfew, your characters are supposed to stay in their rooms until morning.
  • There are rooms in the facility your characters aren’t allowed in.
  • You are not to go against the Guardians.

You can choose to follow or break those rules.
If you break them, you are risking getting caught by the Guardians. It doesn’t mean that you will automatically get caught. You can break rules and get away with it but you can also get caught in the act.
If this happens, you will get knocked out or sent to the “Dark Room”. If you get knocked out, your character won’t be able to move for a day (your character can talk but can’t move without assistance). If you are sent to the “Dark Room”, you will confront a Guardian (The Dark Room will happen in the PMs). You can only interact with the Guardian. Your character can’t interact with the other players on the RP thread until they get out of the room.
If you end up in the “Dark Room”, you can try to obtain more information about the facility and what’s happening in here like this. The Guardian may answer you. You can also try to befriend them, make them trust you. FYI: interacting with a Guardian in the Dark Room will be harder than if you talked to them elsewhere (because it’s still a punishment).
If Guardians take a liking to you, they can give you clues about what’s happening in the facility or about next events. If a Guardian gives you a clue, you should analyse it and try to understand what they meant. It will make things easier for you.

The Guardians are the regulators of the facility. The Guardians are always approachable (unless in a “Dark Room”). You can try to talk with them or form a relationship (even attack them). They may react to your actions… or not. Being close to a Guardian may be a benefit to you… or not.

Inside the Facility

The rooms

  • Cafeteria with an industrial kitchen.
  • Individuals rooms: from 100 to 200, they are residents rooms. Residents aren’t allowed in the Guardians rooms.
  • Communal showers and shared bathrooms.
  • Infirmary: residents aren’t allowed there without permission.
  • Storage room: It’s a warehouse where the residents can find anything they want; except electronic devices (like TVs, computers, phones…), weapons and medicine.
  • Library.
  • Common room.

Sign-ups: READ please!

So I am having no limit to characters, as long as you remain active (at least one post a day) and follow the rules. As for the rules above, I’m going to be strict and implement a “three strikes and you’re out” system. You will get two to three warnings (depending on how nice I feel), then your character(s) will be removed from the RP if you continue.

  • The characters are strangers, they do not know each other.
  • You can be any gender, though please TRY to keep it equal.
  • You can create more than one character, but please keep the genders equal.
  • Powers will be selected by me, so if you mention any, then you won’t get that power. However, if you have a suggestion, then you can add it to the end of the form in the “anything else” box.


I aim to start this RP in the first week of 2019 (depending on sign-ups). Once the RP starts, sign-ups will be closed.


List of Powers

People who were interested …

@Littlefeets, @Tellyg47, @Kale, @EchoRavencroft, @themaystorms, @jdepisode, @Wingsoffire, @riahh30, @ScarletSwanHunter, @PixieAf, @CrazygirldY_dY_dY, @LittleElf, @Ella, @FallenAngelNight13, @annaclaire721, @fal.renet1398, @AtlasFlameAi, @benitz786, @Kamorie1027, @Caticorn, @dramaqueen.episode, @Miumi.hp

When the role-play starts, this thread will be used for general chat, so we don’t crowd the RP with out of characters chats (OOC or ORP).

Dead-End Facility ~ Official RP

When would you like the RP to start?

  • After Christmas (next week)
  • After New Year’s (in two weeks)
  • Mid-January
  • End of January
  • Other (specify below)

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Okay, so powers… one per person… In the original, we could pick our own… However, I thought it’d be a little more fun and random if they were a surprise. So, just before the RP starts, I read through profiles and choose powers that fit the character (giving a reason for each choice).
What do you think?

  • We choose our powers
  • You choose the powers, make it a surprise.
  • Other (specify below)

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I’ll reserve a boy and gal matey


Reserve a boy…

He’s name going to be Lucky :smirk::smirk:


I’m so happy this is being recreated! I will definitely sign up! :grin:


Reserve for a boy and girl.


I want to reserve for a guy and a girl please


Oof, the dark room seems very interesting.

I’d like to reserve… four males (since most people will probably do females :slight_smile: )


It is AND in the original, I was the ONLY one to have a character go in there. :wink:

Four?! Holy shit! Okay! :ok_hand:


Reserve for a guy and a girl


Okay, I may have missed these, but did you think of adding Teleportation, Brainwashing, Time Travel (this one wouldn’t be good because then it defeats the purpose of the RP but still), and Super Hearing?


Reserve for a boy and a girl :slight_smile:


Reserve for a girl please! Yessss, I’m so happy to start this again! :grin:


Awesome, I’ll add Super hearing later. :wink: Though Teleportation is already there, but Brainwashing and Time Travel would work with the story. Sorry. Thank you so much though.


Reserving, not sure which gender yet.


Here’s a few ideas for powers

  • the ability to manipulate metallic objects (anything magnetic)
  • the ability to change size (can become bigger or smaller)
  • the ability to manipulate light and/or darkness/shadows
  • an empath - sense potentially manipulate) the emotions of others
  • ice manipulation (not anything else with water, just ice)
  • temperature manipulation
  • night vision
  • the ability to mimic (or temporarily steal?) another’s powers
  • gravity manipulation
  • the ability to create illusions
  • the ability to animate/control inanimate objects

  • the ability to manipulate metallic objects (anything magnetic) - Yes, I was contemplating this one.
  • the ability to change size (can become bigger or smaller) - Love this one.
  • the ability to manipulate light and/or darkness/shadows - This one is there.
  • an empath - sense potentially manipulate) the emotions of others - Yes, I was contemplating this one.
  • ice manipulation (not anything else with water, just ice) - The problem with this is they’re inside.
  • temperature manipulation - Oooh, interesting.
  • night vision - Yes, I was contemplating this one.
  • the ability to mimic (or temporarily steal?) another’s powers - Yes, I was contemplating this one.
  • gravity manipulation - Yes, I was contemplating but not sure.
  • the ability to create illusions - Yes, I was contemplating this one, but not sure.
  • the ability to animate/control inanimate objects - I like this.


This totally sucks because I love this idea but I have no time to RP… oof


Is it too late? Sorry school is getting insane.


Think it is a infinite amount of characters? So you should be good! :grin: