Dead-End Facility ~ RP ~ Sign-ups and Chat


One person. Whoops. … No worries. :slight_smile:

You have nothing to be sorry for. Yes, that’s what I’m trying to do, get people to be more patient. I don’t want a fast RP, just one at a semi-steady pace.


SO wait…

He wanted to play at first and was acting normal but now he’s mad and doesn’t want to play anymore. Me and Cleo are both confused.

:grin: I was worried I did something wrong


P.S I just imange Cole standing on top of the pool table with cue in his hand while also doing sign language :joy::joy::joy:


That is exactly what is doing XD


Thank you for informing me of these, as I hadn’t read posts yet because I was too annoyed with Tyra’s double post. Sooo… I’m going to play the BITCH-creator card now!
@Miumi.hp and @ScarletSwanHunter, please remove your posts and Scar PLEASE READ the THREE posts in this conversation!!!


@CrazyCaliope @ScarletSwanHunter and @Miumi.hp I don’t think we need to delete the posts. Scarlet rewrite her to make more sense and that’s fine. All Miumi haves to do is either delete her earlier response or we could just have it go Tyra Cleo than Cole and just forget about the post Tyra made. That way it doesn’t became to much of a hassle and we can continue with the flow.


Ok I dont know if anyone else besides @jdepisode is with Lilly but we just spent about an hour at the hospital and found out that what the doctor thought was original stomach flu ended up being that her appendix was septic so she wont be on for a while and she wanted me to let you know that she probably wont post and she feels kind if bad but knows her health comes first. And that if you wouldnt mind @CrazyCaliope could you take care of her character until she gets back she understands if you cant she just wanted me to ask.


Aww, poor thing. :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: Give her a hug from us and please tell her to take care. :hugs::hugs::hugs:


I will and thanks so much :wink:


Aw poor Lilly! That doesn’t sound good :frowning: If you don’t mind me asking, are you her sister or a friend of hers? Just curious that’s all XD


She is my cousin but her and her brother live with me and my family her parents died last year


Like cal said, no worries! Glad u decided to stay!!
And yoop, tis defintely something she would say :smirk: XD




thanks ill let lilly know


Sorry if I acted a bit selfishly and in an impatient way, but I thought I did message @ScarletSwanHunter and asked her to post a couple of days ago.
I never acted without giving her a chance to post, we waited four days for Cole to reply to us in the common room, so I thought that it’s okay to move on for the moment and have her post in the next ‘conversation round’, since we already told her that we were waiting for her, then waited another two days without a reply!

I never excluded her without telling her first, and she never replied saying that she was busy or that she couldn’t post for a few days. If she did, I would’ve gladly waited for her to come back. But honestly I thought she was getting tired of the RP or something.

Anyway, if you want me to delete my post, I can totally do it.
I’m not upset nor angry, I just wanted to make it clear that I did ask her to post earlier. I didn’t just act out of the blue. 🤷



OMG :scream:
I hope she gets better soon, send her a hug and take care of her. :heart:


Yes, but this was only one post, one reminder. If you notice in your shots that you are only showing your posts (mostly) but both of us DID reply to you. Yes, I should have replied again, but this WAS A DAY AGO. You didn’t leave nearly enough time. You did have another post to me about 2-3 days ago, but there was no tag to Scar.
One post/tag/reminder is still rather hasty and not giving people enough time! No, but she DID reply to say she was waiting for someone else first. Tired of the RP? I do not believe she has ever said this. Always that she waiting for someone or thinks another should post first, never that she was giving up.

Okay, thank you muchly! :wink: Though next time I just ask that you tag them more often if you’re waiting for this long. Not just once!


You’re absolutely right. :+1:
Sorry for being such a trouble. :heart: @ScarletSwanHunter @CrazyCaliope @Tellyg47



No worries, don’t fret about it. It’s all gravy! :wink:



sorry I didn’t respond last night. I was little busy. I’ll post a little later today in the afternoon.