Dead-End Facility ~ RP ~ Sign-ups and Chat


I meant response to this thread, as Jay thought this…

That is what I was replying to


Ok thanks for clearing it up. Now that i understand I won’t post for Roger but just post for Cleo.


Tsk tsk. I think the fact that my mom is latina just made me not want to make her mad…they be scary when they’re mad, lemme tell ya XDc

Well tthat’s why I’m confused…why would I know? :thinking:

Yaaaaasss love princess bride :smirk:
Welp. I sadly must wait as well.


HAHAHAHAHAHA! Fair enough, that’s understandable.

You don’t know who has talked to the guardians already?

Me too, m too! Such a classic!
For Scar? Yeah, probably!


My heart :sweat:

…uh oh


Uh oh? What does it all mean???



Well for one I gotta wait until the current convo with Kara is finito and two, wait until Mikita is approachable really :thinking:


A lot more


Idk…but Joseph just gave him the finger.
Without looking.
That’s bound to lead to some dangerous things…
Bring it on :smiling_imp:



Trouble with a capital ‘T’

That’s some…

Ooooh… This was part of that convo!

Also, @Tellyg47, if you want to you can add Roger’s post onto Cleo’s, but up to you… :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


That part is absolutely heartbreaking!!! :sob::sob::sob:

People can do whatever they want, but just Don’t mess with kids! Echo should know not to cross That line. Cross whatever line, but not that one…


Uh oh. I was expecting Mikita to flip out when Echo threatened Amelia, but for some reason his stoic silence is even scarier. It’s just all so eerie and creepy. What’s gonna happen? Will Echo end up in the dark room? Or maybe even worse? This is all too much I tell you! And poor Amelia :frowning:

And @CrazyCaliope, I don’t know XD Didn’t really think that far. I think he’s mostly looking for a secret compartment or some sign of connection to the outside world maybe? It’s up to you, he doesn’t have to find anything. But it could be interesting if Kara did :smirk:



To **Echo** / @jdepisode



Yeah I’m on for a few minutes still feeling better but a bit crappy still I just figure I should check everything or when I came back it would be so much it would overwhelm me.


I would appreciate if someone could be Calix for me for a little bit longer thanks a ton


Yes yes i was brainstorming. I must go back and look

Oooooooh! Wait am i Waiting on scar for echo to go into the dark room?!

Poopey loopey. Shhhhh curiosity, it’s ok, it’s ok.

He’s a criminal who was trying to get out of one prison only to be put in another. Ethics and morals are the last thing on his mind. He do what he need to do, no matter what i would do :woman_shrugging:

Riiiiight? :smirk:

U could infer a great many things with that smirk at the end o.o what did u want her to find?:smirk: XD


Okay, have fun looking. Did you find anything?

Yeah, @ScarletSwanHunter should probably post first since technically Alison has said she’s entered the kitchen yet, but I’m getting the feeling that Scar doesn’t actually want to participate any more. :pensive::pensive::pensive:


I agree with this, @LittleElf, what’d you have in mind?


I do! I do! It’s just have to read every single post and remember who is where when I’m in so many RPs as it is. I just feel awful that I’m taking so long and I hate keeping people waiting while I try to read everything and somehow I still miss everything. Please don’t make me feel guiltier that I already am.


Every single one? Why? If you’re so busy then you need to read no more than 10 since my SG post. Just SG post, and Echo and Alison’s and Roger and Rebekah’s conversations. … :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Sorry, but all I am wondering is how long you think it’ll take you? Not trying to make you feel guilty.


I thought to get all the information you needed to read through all of them, since I keep missing things from here and from there. Also, wait Rebekah? I thought Frankie was with them. I am so confused. Was I reading the wrong person?! It should take by tonight, right now I’m trying to get this essay done. I just want to know if Telly had replied.