Dead-End Facility ~ RP ~ Sign-ups and Chat


That was only if you were writing about locations of people in the cafeteria and describing others, not in your scene. If you just answer Jay and write about the kitchen scene, you should all good! :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging: Fuck, yeah, I knew have I should have said Frankie, but instead I guessed wrongly. RATS! Sorry. … No worries, focus on your essay, it’s more important, and yes, Telly has replied!


Cali, I shall reply by tonight if i do not get around to it, i will definitely reply tomorrow


It’s okay, I’m getting the feeling that no one wants to continue this anymore. :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


no, no!! I swear I do. It’s just that Wednesday’s and Thursday’s are very busy for me!!

Plus, I am sure people are just busy, that’s all.

ik I am. I haven’t replied to anyone in any of the RP’s I’m in for like 2 days.

But, as I said, I will reply in a little.


If it helps at all I love the idea with this rp. It lets me play detective… and I very much want it to continue. I would be very very sad if this died… :cry: :disappointed: :sweat:

By the way I love how you took your characters from the original dead end facility and altered them into the guardians of this. Don’t know if anybody else may have realized.


I also was just waiting for the others to post. Also Roger had walked out but anyone can stop him so he is approachable but if nobody’s going to stop me than he’s just in his room.


Yeah, I figured this, BUT for at least the past week or two it’s been getting to the stage where most people start to reply less and less and the RP slowly dies.

I know, me too. BUT I’ll give it another week and if it remains basically the same, then I have an idea so that the story doesn’t die. :grin::grin::grin:

HAHAHAHA! Yeah, I just loved those characters too much to not attempt to bring them back. :wink:

No worries, lovely!


then, a friendly suggestion would be that you should maybe to limit the reply amounts to like 3 or 4?? I know that some people want to reply more but if you think it will die, just incorporate more of a sg at this point. As people get less busy, maybe you could alter the reply amount.


I would post but I’ve reached my max and I really dont want this to die.


It is. That’s why I left it at 3-5 for this exact reason.

I know, I’m not attacking anyone, especially not those who have been posting. :smile::smile::smile:


Yeah I know maybe shoot something out to see who all is still intrested and who has just kind of given up. Oh and Lilly should be back on regularly soon.


Haven’t been able to be on for long periods of time, but I shall look after hw

THAT ISN’T THE REASON AT ALL!!! Tennis season just started so I’m at school from 6am-4:40pm then I’ve got hw and other shiz to deal with. Trust me, if i could be on here as much as I used to be I would :unamused: I should be on at nightime tho usually or something like that…I’m sorry :frowning: that and I think i can only reply for folami anywho.

Yoop, I noticed. Love it as well XD


HAHAHA! All Gravy!

Yeah, I know, it’s no worries, babe! :wink:

:flushed::flushed::flushed: HEHE?


@Wingsoffire lol good luck rattling Aitlas too much.


Hehe :smiling_imp:


No no, it’s not like that! I’ll be honest; this is a bit of a hard rp for me to get into, just because I don’t know what to do with my characters half the time. Might have to somehow get Lucie in on the trying to figure out how to escape too, before she gets too boring. And as for Nate I’m not sure who’s turn it is? And @jdepisode, the smirk didn’t really mean much haha. I just find their reactions to each other amusing. She could find something completely useless and make a joke out of it/mock Nate’s idea and he could get pissed that she’s not taking it seriously. Or she could actually accidentally find (out) something and he would be forced to swallow his pride and admit she did a good job. Or they could leave the storage room with no results. That’s why I said it was up to you Cali… I’m bad at coming up with these things :woman_shrugging: Anyone got any suggestions for something interesting Kara could find?


That’s okay, though, if it’s hard then remember that you don’t have to write so much each time. Only a small paragraph. … Okay, if you want then, I can get her and Keaton (or just her) into a planning group in the next SG? Yeah?
As for Nate, no, it’s Calix’s, but I chatted you on here a while ago to ask what you had in mind to find in the room so that I could write up something. Okay, I’ll write something up after work and think of what it could be then. :wink:


I know I tend to write long posts hehe… :sweat_smile: Yeah, that sounds good. Being forced to communicate with the others besides just Keaton would be good for her :smiling_imp: And I like the dynamic between her and Keaton so if you want you can include him in the group too.
Yeah, about the storage room group, sorry for putting pressure on you to come up with something. I just thought since it’s your RP that you would know where things or clues might be hidden, but if it’s not that type of ‘mystery find hidden clues’ RP, then I’ll have to get Nate to come up with another plan. Although it can’t be something that someone are already doing.


Is it too late to sign up?


Yes sign up are closed but there are occasionally characters up for adoption so just watch this thread