Dead-End Facility ~ RP ~ Sign-ups and Chat





I’ll post for Alexis later tonight, I’m currently soooo busy. :tired_face:


Omg Jay, this is too funny! :joy: She thinks he’s gay and obsessed with toys, I can’t!! It will be entertaining to write his reaction to all her comments :smiling_imp:


Why r ur gifs always so perfect XD
And Toooooom! My weaknesss!!! :weary:

Don’t even worry about it, take ur time :ok_hand:

I shall look forward to it.


Hey everyone… I’m so, so, so sorry for not being active. I have a terrible headache, using phone makes even worse and I sleep all day to work in school properly. I will try to answer to all posts I’m tagged in in next few hours, but can someone please give a summary of what happened in the RP and chat? I hope you can understand.


Sorry, just one small problem with this… Luna was going to do this earlier on but changed it to going to find it in the storage room. It’s only because I had said you’d find everything in there.


I’m so sorry!
I’ll change it!


All Gravy.
You know me, just nit-picking 'cause of continuity and stuff! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Random question, @LittleElf, do you want Keaton to follow Lucie or not?

Sorry, lovelies, slight continuity problem! Whether the keys are free or on a ring… I mean, I was thinking they were in the box freely but I can work with it and change if you both want.


Meaning it’s just a bunch of keys in a box?? I can change it if u want I don’t mind either way. She just can’t swing it :joy:


Yeah, something like that. Well, I think Elf thought that too since Nate picked up a handful of keys… :wink:


Umm… actually, this number six… :confounded::confounded::confounded: :sweat::sweat::sweat:


Oh! :hushed:
Should I delete my post?


Aight ill go change it


This is where I struggle… I want to keep it fair by having everyone stick to 5 max, but at the same, I don’t want all that work you put into it to just be removed. :confounded::confounded::confounded:


Is this why my papa hates me? :pleading_face:
I kid i kid XD


The struggle… I don’t know could you just allow it this one time or rise it to 3-7 posts?


The problem with this is that wouldn’t really be fair… some people are struggling to even get to two posts, and others don’t need more because their conversations are getting a little anticlimactic (or at least a little dull) anyway, and if I made it more this time then it have to be changed every time, and there really wouldn’t be much point in doing an SG post. But if I didn’t then the RP would die. :confounded::confounded::confounded:



It’s totally fine :blush: I can delete my post and send you a copy in the PMs.
Then when you write the SG post, use some of my original post and add whatever you want to it as well.
That way my efforts will not go to waste, while maintaining a fair number of posts to all. :sweat_smile:

Edit: Done. :grin:


I’ll reply to Cleo when I get back from college. :sleeping:

Gtg get some sleep now.