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Dead- End Facility Roleplay:

A secluded underground facility.

This is where you wake up one day without knowing how. No windows, no exits, no electronic devices… Nothing. Only you and a few other people who are as clueless. You still remember your past life but not how you ended up here.

Why are you here? How do you escape? Who are those people who call themselves “the Guardians”? What do they want from you?

While you try to figure out how and why you got trapped in the facility, strange events begin to occur. On top of that, the residents are falling sick, one after another. What’s happening?

You need to figure it out.

Dead-End Facility RP - What you need to know

Dead-End Facility RP - Faceclaims

Dead-End Facility RP - Powers List

Dead-End Facility - RP - Sign Up Form

If you are wondering :thinking::

  • Please, be sure to read the documents ! They give more explanations about the RP.:bookmark_tabs:

  • I connect myself at least once a day to the forums, so you can expect me to be active!

  • Offensive behaviours towards other roleplayers aren’t tolerated. Let’s all be nice to each other!:blush:

  • The characters can’t know each other from before the facility.

  • When you write a reply on the Official RP thread, try to write minimum 5 lines, please. If you don’t know what to write, think about “What’s my character saying?”, “What’s my character doing?”, “What’s my character feeling?”, “What’s my character thinking?”.:pencil2:

  • In case of intimate scenes, ellipsis are required.:see_no_evil:

  • Please, let me know when you can’t be active for a while.

  • You can have more than one character.:woman::adult:

English isn’t my mother tongue so if anyone would like to help me with it, you are welcome! :hugs:

Why I’m suddenly nervous? :sweat_smile: I don’t know…
I hope we can enjoy this roleplay together! :smile:

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Maybe, if you see errors in the slides or the thread, you can just tell me so I can correct it :blush:
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