Dead woman walking ep 5

Dead woman walking![image|375x500](upload://gdL50WQmhNnSvLaGUcmILRDbOZK.jpeg

I cannot get into this episode it’s stuck so I have been sending the tech support my tickets but they still are not able to help me I’ve asked them repeatedly to fix this problem in there app I’ve literally sent this support 2 years ago 2 and I’m still having the same problem

Please someone fix this if they are a real tech support one that can look through the book errors because I done everything please look through these links
Oh and my support ID and password
Help me please by fixing the error your self

maybe reach out to episode support?

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Have you tried replaying the story from the beginning? There might be an issue with the current save. I would suggest trying this if you haven’t.

You could also reach out to the author and ask her if anyone else has had this problem. She might not respond, but it’s worth a shot I suppose.

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